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2021 Membership Renewal

State of the Association

Unprecedented. Uncertain. Challenging. Pivot. These are a few of the many words that have flooded our everyday speech during the pandemic. All of us want very much NOT to be living in a pandemic right now. The isolation from family, friends, and colleagues are the most obvious examples of the pain and disruption brought by the pandemic. And there are many more. To use a sailing analogy, 2020 has brought terrible winds and rough seas. But together, we have adjusted our sails and charted a new course.

I call this letter a “State of the Association.” But it’s really a thank you note. We on staff are extremely grateful for everything you have done this year to keep the association and our industry together. None of what we have accomplished together would have been possible without your energy, patience, commitment, and perseverance.  For all of that, we thank you.

Like every association grappling with the pandemic, we are adjusting our sails and prioritizing the fundamentals: to preserve and foster community; rethink how to facilitate the exchange of information; serve as a trusted source of information; and advocate for the members.

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A Message from the IBTTA Leadership

Samuel Johnson
2020 IBTTA President

Mark Compton
2021 IBTTA President

Patrick Jones
Executive Director & CEO

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