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With “micromobility” entering the transportation planning lexicon, it’s a good thing tolling professionals are already looking to Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as a tool to connect all modes of transportation, particularly in urban areas. It’s a... Read More
Iceland has begun the process of introducing tolls for much of its national roadway network, in the face of rapid gas tax erosion and tough questions about how a tiny population will pay for the mobility it needs. The story, laid out in a... Read More
Longtime tolling and transportation industry veteran Kevin Thibault was appointed Florida Transportation Secretary January 18 by Governor Ron DeSantis. In this exclusive interview with Tolling Points, Thibault traces the opportunities ahead for the... Read More
Early reports on New York City’s landmark decision to introduce congestion pricing are pointing to a passing of the torch and a teachable moment, with one news story citing experience in other international cities that the Big Apple can learn from,... Read More
In a recent post for Forbes magazine, the Orlando Economic Partnership explains how the city that just hosted IBTTA’s Annual Technology Forum has placed itself at the center of the push to develop autonomous vehicles (AVs). The post traces a multi-... Read More
Amy Potter, Chief Financial Officer of the Transportation Corridor Agencies, and Bernie Arseneau, Vice President, Highways and Roads at HDR, are co-Chief Meeting Organizers of IBTTA’s Summit on Finance & Policy, May 19-21, 2019 in Philadelphia.... Read More
Cherian George, Managing Director, Americas, with Fitch Ratings in New York, argues that now is the time for major U.S. infrastructure investment in a mid-March opinion piece for Forbes. He gives three reasons to take action before the window of... Read More
  A practical, pragmatic approach to highway finance awaits when you attend IBTTA’s Summit on Finance  and Policy, May 19-21, 2019 in Philadelphia. “Infrastructure finance is an area where it’s easy to step very quickly into the weeds,” says IBTTA... Read More
American motorists set another record in 2018, driving 12.2 billion more miles than they did in the previous year, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reported last week. Think Uber, Lyft, Amazon deliveries and a whole lot more. U.S.... Read More
A U.S. federal judge set an important precedent last week, with a decision that referred a legal challenge on Rhode Island’s truck tolling plan to the state court system. “IBTTA supports the state of Rhode Island's plan to use truck tolls as one of... Read More