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March 2014

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The Interstate highway system is wearing out. Over the next two decades, nearly all of its 47,000 miles will have to be rebuilt, to make it serviceable for another 50+ years. In addition, several hundred major interchanges are horrible bottlenecks... Read More
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As long as there have been public roadways, it's been necessary to educate citizens about the need for funding road construction and upkeep. After all, no matter what the mechanism for obtaining infrastructure funding, ultimately it comes from the... Read More
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If you haven’t renewed your IBTTA membership, you’re a very short time away from missing one of the most important deadlines of the year. As long as you renew by March 31, your organization will retain all the benefits of being a part of the only... Read More
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IBTTA kicks off its monthly Twitter Chat series with special guest Lloyd Brown, Communications Director with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Join us for an hour of fast-paced discussion, debate, and... Read More
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When IBTTA’s Summit on Legislation, Policy and Infrastructure Finance opened in Washington, DC Monday morning, panelists and participants had a stark reality to confront.  Federal transportation funding under MAP-21 expires in 205 days.  Tolling... Read More
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With just under a week to go before IBTTA’s Summit on Legislation, Policy, and Infrastructure Finance, the voices are coming in from every corner of the United States: our prosperity depends on highway infrastructure, infrastructure depends on... Read More