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IBTTA’s Annual Meeting in Dublin: A Chance to Learn from the Best

Bill Cramer

Kevin Thibault and Juan Toledo are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers of IBTTA’s 83rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, August 30-September 2, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. In this interview with Tolling Points, they talk about some of the key factors that make this year’s meeting a must-attend event.

Tolling Points: What are the most important industry news and trends in each of the three program tracks?

Kevin Thibault: The conference program is really broken out into four areas, with the general sessions focused on recognizing European successes and initiatives while addressing cross-cutting topics like funding policy.

Our mobility track focuses on safety and intermodal connectivity, recognizing that toll facilities are one part of a larger transportation network.

The technology track continues the dialogue on interoperability, but also champions the discussion of future technologies that will make our transportation systems more efficient for customers.

And finally, the business track takes in a wide-ranging mix of topics, including innovative procurement strategies that deliver value to tolling agencies and their stakeholders.

Juan Toledo: Overall, the industry continues to look for new ways to provide value to its customers, through efficient means of project delivery or improved level of service. Being in Dublin is an excellent opportunity to highlight what European toll entities have learned about what has worked best for them.

Tolling Points: How did you come up with the content priorities in this year's Annual Meeting program?

Juan Toledo: The conference planning committee made a deliberate effort to stay true to the initiative and message of IBTTA President Javier Rodriguez, providing greater mobility to customers. This thinking is reflected across the entire program. We want to showcase what agencies around the world are doing to deliver mobility solutions.

Tolling Points: The Annual Meeting is one of the main opportunities each year for the IBTTA community to gather from around the world. How will the networking and informal conversations during the conference help advance the industry?

Kevin Thibault: We are excited to have this year's meeting in Europe – Dublin, Ireland. We expect to have attendees from more than 20 countries. It gives North American and other international participants the unique opportunity to network and learn from our European partners who can share their experiences and best practices, while giving us a first-hand look at their operations through a series of tours.

IBTTA’s annual meeting is always a place where attendees get a lot of benefit from networking with their peers. We expect nothing different at this meeting, where we will see more company representation than in the past, more international representation, and most important of all, excellent content with many lessons learned to take home, no matter where home is.

Tolling Points: What is it about Dublin that will make this year’s annual meeting a must-attend event?

Kevin Thibault: Being on the Emerald Isle gives attendees at this annual conference the opportunity to see first had the innovation that has taken place here. During the course of the meeting we will showcase what the Irish tolling industry has accomplished and what is on the horizon.

Many of the world’s top businesses have set up operations in the Dublin area, for precisely the same reasons we saw the value of having a meeting there: It’s a technology hub that also serves as a key international gateway for transportation movement in and around Europe.

Tolling Points: What else should members be thinking about as they book their tickets for Dublin?

Juan Toledo: Now more than ever, we are challenged by the need to make our lives easier and more efficient. That efficiency cycle includes freeing up the time we waste commuting or travelling in congested urban areas, with no outlook for improvement. The Dublin meeting is an outstanding opportunity for international attendees to see what the future could be back home, and to take back experiences, contacts and solutions that make a difference for their customers.

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