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Tolling Points

Make a Difference, Make a Connection: Register Today for IBTTA's 2023 Conference Planning Meeting 

Pat Jones, Executive Director and CEO, IBTTA

If you’re like most IBTTA members, you care about the content of our meetings. You care about what is said. You care about who is saying it. And perhaps you’ve thought about taking a more active role in shaping the agenda of our meetings. NOW is your chance. 

On June 25, 2022, we will convene our 2023 Conference Planning Meeting in Cleveland, OH, the day before we begin our Maintenance, Engineering and Roadway Operations Workshop. During this day-long meeting, we will brainstorm themes and topics for all the IBTTA meetings that will happen in 2023. From technology to finance, maintenance to communications and everything in between—Cleveland is the place where our 2023 meetings begin to take shape. You can register HERE and there’s no charge for IBTTA members. 

The 2023 Conference Planning Meeting is the ideal place to make connections with fellow tolling pros. The entire meeting is designed to be an incubator of new ideas and innovation, in which professionals from all parts of our industry come together to brainstorm ideas, topics and learning formats in a free-form, no-wrong-answers/no-stupid-questions environment.  

Not only does this meeting give you a chance to talk shop, share your knowledge and contribute to IBTTA's 2023 programming—it allows you to see who else shares your perspective, or has a different one that you find intriguing. It also allows you to network and learn from colleagues and new friends. 

The IBTTA community needs you. We need your expertise, your insights and your perspectives to make our programming the best that it can be in 2023. So pick your metaphor: get off the bench and into the game. Get your oar in the water. Dive into the deep end of the pool. Whichever metaphor you choose, join us in Cleveland and help us build great programming for 2023! 

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Thursday, May 26, 2022 - 10:00


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