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Rodriguez Brings ‘The Business of Mobility’ to U.S. Congress

Bill Cramer

The Business of Mobility is IBTTA’s theme for 2015 as Javier Rodriguez, P.E., Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), takes the helm as the association’s 2015 president.

"Our economy and mobility depend on the quality of our highways, bridges, and tunnels," Rodriguez said earlier this month, during IBTTA’s winter Board of Directors meeting. “The tolling industry is front and center providing solutions to address congestion, mobility, interoperability, and the reconstruction of highways.”

Rodriguez brings solid experience to the president’s chair, after 16 years with the Florida Department of Transportation and seven with MDX, where he has led the conversion to all-electronic tolling.

But he takes office at a time when The Business of Mobility extends from the front lines of tollway operations to the halls of the U.S. Congress.

“Everyone knows we need a long-term funding solution in the United States,” he told Toll Roads News. With the latest extension of federal transportation funding set to expire at the end of May, Rodriguez sees an active few months ahead, with IBTTA continuing its advocacy with the Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and legislators from across the country.

“We’ll make sure that many of our members and board members get the opportunity to share their experience,” he said, and “not just with their own Member of Congress, because experiences here in Florida may be relevant…in other states.”

The overarching message: Tolling is “a viable and sustainable option and IBTTA members will continue to educate elected officials at all levels on the benefits of tolling.”

IBTTA’s Washington Briefing March 29-31 in Washington, DC, will be one opportunity for IBTTA members to engage Congressional staff and Members of Congress on transportation funding. While the U.S. is IBTTA’s current legislative focus, the association’s public awareness campaign, Moving America Forward is assisting members around the world.

“I want to continue the excellent work we’re doing [in the U.S.], as well as to ensure that we meet the needs of our members in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere,” Rodriguez told Toll Roads News.

Register today for IBTTA’s 2015 Washington Briefing, March 29-31, 2015 at the Washington Marriott Hotel.


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