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Tolling Points

Social Media Lights Up for IBTTA’s New Media, Communications and HR Workshop

Bill Cramer

IBTTA’s New Media, Communications and Human Resources Workshop lit up Twitter and Facebook while participants were onsite in Cleveland earlier this week.

From crisis communications, to demystifying Big Data, to welcoming and valuing all four generations in the work force, panelists and participants shared ideas, experiences and solutions that will help tolling agencies make the most of every interaction to provide greater mobility to our customers. The stream below shows how the story unfolded on Twitter while the workshop was under way.

IBTTA will host a webinar on Connected Vehicles on Nov. 10th at 11:00 a.m. ET.  Registration is free, but you must register online prior to the webinar.  Registration will be open next week. For more information, please contact Bill Cramer at



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