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You Told Us: Tolling Executives Explain Why They’re Renewing Their IBTTA Memberships

Bill Cramer

Every association knows that the best member service program is only as good as the way it meets members’ need for information, advocacy, business development, and professional connections.

So with IBTTA launching its 2021 Membership Renewal campaign, it’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from new members and old about the incredible value they take away from being a part of the IBTTA community.

The message we keep hearing: Times are tough, budgets are limited, but a membership in IBTTA is too precious to give up. From tolling agencies and industry alike, you’re telling us that the value of your membership so vastly outweighs the cost. That there’s no other single international organization to get the knowledge and contacts that help us all make our companies and organizations smarter and more successful.

Telling the story

We are hearing these points being made over and over again in video testimonials we’ve received from our members.

“This year has been a challenging year with the pandemic, but the thing I could always rely on was IBTTA,” said Patty Rubstello, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Urban Mobility & Access at the Washington State Department of Transportation. “The online content available through the association’s online conferences has been “invaluable,” she added, allowing more of her staff to “participate in sessions as they never would have been able to do before.“

PJ Wilkins, Executive Director of the E-ZPass Group and IAG Service Corporation, remembered attending his first IBTTA conference. “They took me under their wing. I met a lot of people who were doing the same job I was doing. I learned a lot from them. Without IBTTA, I’m not sure how that would have gone. I credit IBTTA a huge amount in getting me quickly up to speed and continuing to do so. I continue to learn things every time I go to a conference.”

Jessica Carson, Director of Operations with the E-470 Public Highway Authority, said “E-470 is celebrating 34 years of membership with IBTTA next month. With that relationship, we have gained a family, we’ve gained a support system, people to collaborate with, people to pick up the phone and call, people to laugh with and share in hard times, as well. It truly is the best organization to be a part of. You can ask for help whenever you need it, and everyone will be there.”

“The reason Ford Motor Company joined IBTTA is they are a pretty fast-moving group for a semi-government organization,” said Brennan Hamilton, the company’s Toll Advanced Product and Business Owner. “We’re looking at the future of technology,” he said, and “you’re exploring not only what the current state is, but what the next state is going to be.”

All of those benefits come together in President-Elect Mark Compton’s call to action for next year. “We are poised for 2021,” he says. “We just need one thing. We need you. We need you to be there alongside us in what we know is going to be a challenging year, but it’s going to be a year filled with great opportunities.”

Leading through disruption

We’ve seen how well our theme for 2020—The Road to Continued Excellence—prepared us for a year of unprecedented challenge. When IBTTA President Samuel Johnson chose that message, he had no way of knowing what the year would hold. But the industry’s commitment to excellence stood us all in good stead as we revamped our operations, learned new ways to keep employees and customers safe, and lifted each other up every step of the way.

“We are fully on that path,” Johnson said in a video message to the membership. “I’m really excited about what IBTTA is doing. We all know that 2020 has been a year unlike any other, and we’ve maximized the opportunities that the association has made available.”

For 2021, Compton has chosen the theme Leading Through Disruption. It’s exactly the right language, since the only things we know about the year ahead are that it will be tough, many of the moments it brings will be unforeseen—and the tolling community will succeed by standing together, just as we have since the pandemic first hit.

“In spite of the hardship, isolation, and disconnection, the IBTTA community showed up. By the thousands!” wrote Executive Director and CEO Pat Jones in an update to members, “So far this year, we’ve seen 10,000 IBTTA members participate in more than 50-plus virtual events. Events on topics as wide ranging as Forecasting Traffic in Times of Uncertainty; Using Big Data to Improve Operations; and Managing Up, Down & Across Organizations. If you missed any of these sessions, they are available on demand exclusively to IBTTA members. YOU!”

Renew your membership today! Click here to get started, or contact Terri Lankford for help or information.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 10:45


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