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Tolling Points

Dee Anne Heath, Director of Government Relations and Communications at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, is one of the Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s Virtual Annual Meeting and Exhibition September 14-16. In this interview with... Read More
Andrew Fremier is Deputy Executive Director of the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) and Deputy Executive Director, Operations at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). In this interview, the first in IBTTA’s Bounce Back Better series, he... Read More
Unprecedented. Uncertain. Challenging. Pivot. These are a few of the many words that have flooded our everyday speech during the pandemic. When I feel a flood coming on, it’s time for a sailing metaphor. One of the best people I know to turn to for... Read More
The shift in fuel tax revenues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic might make an already difficult transportation reauthorization bill now being considered by Congress even more complicated. With about 85 percent of the dollars coming from fuel... Read More
Even with a global pandemic in full swing, the big, grinding challenges that were with us before the coronavirus hit aren’t going to solve themselves. So it’s important to remember that America’s aging Interstate Highway System is still in dire need... Read More
With its focus on the COVID-19 experience, the profound shift in tollway operations, and the hands-on opportunities to build back better, IBTTA’s two-day virtual workshop is under way—and thanks to easy online access, there’s still time for you to... Read More
With the clock running before federal surface transportation funding expires September 30, 2020, and national elections taking place just over a month later, the last week has seen an uptick in interest in reauthorization legislation from both... Read More
It’s an exceptional package of innovation, adaptability, and commitment to stewardship, all brought together on a single online platform: When you register for IBTTA’s Maintenance, Engineering and Roadway Operations Workshop July 12-14, you’ll get... Read More
With less than three weeks to go before sessions get under way, the excitement is building for a revamped, reconfigured Maintenance, Engineering and Roadway Operations Workshop July 12-14 that responds to two key pieces of the pandemic experience:... Read More
The most fundamental purpose for any business or professional trade association is to bring people together and keep the community engaged and strong. When the coronavirus lockdown began, it immediately became clear to IBTTA that it must pivot from... Read More