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Tolling Points

Tolling agencies in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio are at the center of a bold initiative to test platooning for automated long-haul trucks through one of the most important and heavily travelled freight corridors in the United States. The Smart... Read More
With internal combustion vehicle bans emerging as a go-to climate solution, and large urban areas scrambling to get a handle on gridlocked traffic, two different jurisdictions in the last week have identified tolling as a possible answer to their... Read More
California’s Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) could hardly have known that the 23 acres of disturbed land it bought in 2005 near the Cleveland National Forest would end up on the front lines of the effort to keep Orange County safe from two... Read More
As votes are still being counted, the transition from one administration to another has begun after a long and bruising U.S. election campaign. With President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris declared the winners, the tolling... Read More
Finally, Election Day in America With all eyes focused on today’s high-stakes contest for the United States Presidency and Senate, the tolling community is waiting to see what the results portend for the next four years of national transportation... Read More
Every association knows that the best member service program is only as good as the way it meets members’ need for information, advocacy, business development, and professional connections. So with IBTTA launching its 2021 Membership Renewal... Read More
It’s hard to imagine a more powerful testimonial for a product or service than when the customers who pay the bills line up and ask you to produce more of it. If those customers are willing to pay more for what you’re offering, it’s either because... Read More
José Alvarez is the Executive Director of the Illinois Tollway. In this interview, part of IBTTA’s Bounce Back Better series, he talks about the activities and technologies used to keep the capital program “Move Illinois: The Illinois Tollway... Read More
In the midst of this global pandemic, with day-to-day uncertainty, new cases of COVID-19 on the rise in many jurisdictions, President Trump hospitalized, a vaccine still in the making, no one realistically expects the economy to build back quickly.... Read More
As traffic volumes begin to recover in some areas, a recent news item points to climate change and severe weather as the next source of disruption and uncertainty for America’s surface transportation system. Although the words “toll”, “user”, and “... Read More