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Tolling Points

Peter Merfeld, P.E., Chief Operating Officer of the Maine Turnpike Authority, is Chief Meeting Organizer for IBTTA’s 2016 Maintenance and Roadway Operations Workshop, May 15-17, 2016 in Newport, Rhode Island. In this interview with Tolling Points,... Read More
  IBTTA members will be building bridges, literally and figuratively, during the community service project attached to IBTTA’s 2016 Maintenance and Roadway Operations Workshop, May 15-17, 2016 in Newport, Rhode Island. On Sunday, May 15, the day... Read More
Pop quiz: Name a conference where you get to focus on highway safety first and last, with a slight detour to talk about the why, wherefore, and applications of state-of-the-art drone technology. If you didn’t think of IBTTA’s 2016 Maintenance and... Read More
A media panel at IBTTA’s 2016 Transportation Policy and Finance Summit last month delivered two basic messages for any toll road operator looking for public support: Never stop trying to understand the reasons behind customers’ objections to paying... Read More
Transurban is making a solid case for congestion pricing in Sydney, Australia, warning that the city’s roads will soon be as backed up as Mexico City’s without a system to charge drivers or the roads they use. "Even factoring in committed projects... Read More
It’s one thing to make the argument that infrastructure investment and providing greater mobility creates jobs and attracts investment. It’s something else again to see that argument prove itself before your eyes. Which is why it’s exciting to hear... Read More
  IBTTA took away the media equivalent of a gold medal last week, after USA Today reported on the release of the association’s National Toll Facilities Usage Analysis. “Growth in Toll Traffic Outpaces Regular Roads,” read the online headline, and “... Read More
2015 was a banner year for the 31 U.S. tolling agencies that took part in a survey for IBTTA’s National Toll Facilities Usage Analysis. The five billion trips on tolled facilities represented a 7% increase in volume over 2014—putting the U.S.... Read More
Civic leaders and regional decision-makers in Washington State’s Central Puget Sound Region are changing the conversation about transportation funding, with the accent on bringing drivers back to the concept of paying for the services they use. That... Read More
Just in time for spring, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is reporting that tolling authorities and other highway agencies can reduce roadside mowing costs while preserving vital habitat for pollinators like... Read More