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Tolling Points

It is a special week in Washington, D.C., with 36 participants gathered for IBTTA’s 2016 Leadership Academy. Two recent Academy alumni, Lauren Hakos of the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission and Lisa Telles of the Transportation Corridor... Read More
From low oil prices to connected and autonomous vehicles, from the evolution of public-private partnerships (P3s) to new ways of handling money, all the trends that are shaping and reshaping the world’s toll roads come back to finance. For Nikolaus... Read More
Labeling toll road evaders “shameless cheats,” the Staten Island Advance is coming out strongly in favor of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to crack down on drivers who rack up five or more toll violations in 18 months. Late last year, the... Read More
We often hear that truckers hauling freight avoid toll roads, bridges and tunnels when possible. However, that may be a small vocal minority.  A growing network of commercial truckers across the United States have been turning to toll roads to save... Read More
IBTTA President Buddy Croft is wasting no time getting the message out about the value of tolling. On January 23 in his home state of Rhode Island, Providence Business News (PBN) published a Q&A that laid out Croft’s “transportation Rx,” his... Read More
If you were trying to keep track of the whirlwind of mostly positive media coverage about tolling last year, you may have had trouble catching your breath. Tolling in the News 2015, a three-minute video that IBTTA released earlier this month, is a... Read More
  It’s a wonderful thing when a transformative leader receives the recognition he or she deserves. And that’s exactly what happened this month, when Georgia Trend magazine included Chris Tomlinson, executive director of the State Road and Tollway... Read More
A recent Atlantic CityLab post by transportation specialist Eric Jaffe shows that, when it comes to congestion on America’s highway, the search for solutions is getting real. Just before the New Year, Jaffe wrote about a Silicon Valley mobility... Read More
With just two months remaining before IBTTA members meet in Washington, DC for the association’s 2016 Transportation Policy and Finance Summit, a crucial theme already leaps off the pages of the preliminary conference program: When it comes to the... Read More
In a year-end column on The Huffington Post, IBTTA Executive Director and CEO Patrick Jones points out that the United States is moving farther from a bedrock principle for highway funding: If you use it, you pay for it. As federal legislators... Read More