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Tolling Points

Every tolling agency is committed to understanding what its customers need and want. But agencies that haven’t yet tapped the power of Big Data are probably getting a far less complete picture of those customers than they otherwise would. At IBTTA’s... Read More
IBTTA’s New Media, Communications and Human Resources Workshop lit up Twitter and Facebook while participants were onsite in Cleveland earlier this week. From crisis communications, to demystifying Big Data, to welcoming and valuing all four... Read More
It’s hard enough to accurately predict future trends when you have good reason to think the recent past will predict the next five, 10, or 20 years. It’s a lot more challenging when something as simple as a nifty, new adult scooter could do its part... Read More
Guest Blog by Tom Knuckey, IBTTA’s Interoperability Roadside Operations Subcommittee Chair No matter what state you live in, the practice of highway tolling is essential to supplement revenues for our crumbling transportation infrastructure. There... Read More
The new media panel at IBTTA’s New Media, Communications & Human Resources Workshop, October 18-20 in Cleveland, Ohio will be a terrific venue for participants to share tips, tools, tactics, and best practices for getting the most out of online... Read More
With customer data in hand, and new tools available to make better use of it, tolling agencies have an unprecedented opportunity to build stronger relationships with their customers and their employees who keep the toll facility up and running. And... Read More
It’s one thing to introduce the world’s first urban open road tolling system and gradually build it to perfection. It’s something else to execute flawlessly in a major metropolitan area from the first day of operation—with multiple vendors, 18... Read More
A blog post that originally appeared last spring points to the soaring opportunity for tolling agencies to tell their story directly to their customers and build public support. “People are more likely to support increased transportation investment... Read More
IBTTA convened its 2015 Summit on All-Electronic Tolling, Managed Lanes, and Interoperability in Miami in July, at a time when technology is transforming toll roads and the customer experience they deliver.  To view presentations and read an... Read More
From the moment you set foot at IBTTA's New Media, Communications, and Human Resources Workshop, October 18-20 in Cleveland, you'll encounter a mix of content and session formats that break down all the traditional boundaries around agency marketing... Read More