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Tolling Points

It’s hard to deliver on an innovation strategy when all the basic factors that influence your business—the technology, the demographics, customer expectations, the surrounding economy, and the infrastructure you’re responsible for managing—are in a... Read More
Kevin Thibault and Juan Toledo are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers of IBTTA’s 83rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, August 30-September 2, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. In this interview with Tolling Points, they talk about some of the key factors that make... Read More
Imagine a day in the not-too-distant future when the majority of your customers, family, friends, and neighbors take it as given that we all have to share the cost of the highway infrastructure we rely on every day. That’s what happens when an idea... Read More
Neil Gray has been IBTTA’s Government Affairs Director for 22 years, and he’s been observing and analysing U.S. surface transportation policy since 1982. Here’s his take on the U.S. Senate’s DRIVE Act, in a conversation with Tolling Points. Tolling... Read More
Bob Redding and Gregory LeFrois are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s 2015 Summit on All-Electronic Tolling, Managed Lanes & Interoperability, July 12-14 in Miami, Florida. In this interview with Tolling Points, they talk about the... Read More
With Americans taking to the roads for the Fourth of July weekend, IBTTA’s 2015 Report on Tolling in the U.S. shows more and more of us relying on toll roads to get where we’re going. Drivers took 5.7 billion trips last year on toll roads in 34... Read More
The fire chief in Barneys River, Nova Scotia has the best reason of all to support tolls along his local highway. He’s sick of putting up roadside crosses to mark the spots where drivers have died in highway collisions. “Bad memories start coming... Read More
If you were running a business that needed the next three years of income to meet its current financial obligations, you would want to pull in some new revenue in a hurry. But that’s the state of affairs that Sarah Puro, principal analyst with the... Read More
After the E-470 Public Highway Authority in Aurora, Colorado saw its energy costs jump 33% between 2002 and 2006, it began searching for a more affordable, reliable way to power its operations. The result was a network of solar-electric (... Read More
At IBTTA’s Transportation Finance and Road Usage Charging Conference in April, Sarah Swensson King with Transportation Corridors Agencies took top honors in the association’s first-ever Transportation Idol contest. In this interview with Tolling... Read More