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Tolling Points

How can anyone claim that gas taxes fund America’s highways when taxpayers pay $600 per household to keep the system running each year? That’s the provocative question that emerges from Who Pays for Roads, a report released last month by the U.S.... Read More
Sometimes, the process of building influence begins with collecting business cards. That was just one of the gains that IBTTA Past President Rob Horr, Executive Director of the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, took away from the association’s... Read More
A news release last week from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) contains good news for anyone who depends on traffic and revenue forecasts to anticipate future income. It all boils down to a single keyword: GROWTH. By just about any... Read More
It was a special treat to see Rep. Earl Blumenauer in full bicycling gear last month, during the opening session of IBTTA’s Transportation Finance and Road Usage Charging Conference. Meeting in Portland, the city where he served as city commissioner... Read More
As it became clear that Congress will yet again pass another short-term highway funding patch, the U.S. trucking industry came out with a pitch-perfect assessment of the crisis facing the country’s transportation infrastructure. “To move America... Read More
It’s one thing to tell your own story. It’s that much more powerful and effective when your friends say good things on your behalf. For an example, look no farther than a new policy brief from the Council of State Governments, which points to a “... Read More
Jim Wilson is Chief Meeting Organizer for IBTTA’s 2015 Maintenance and Roadway Operations Workshop, May 31-June 2, 2015 in Oklahoma City, OK. In this interview with Tolling Points, Wilson talks about the issues, challenges, and opportunities tolling... Read More
In the February edition of THINKING Highways, Management Consultant and former IBTTA President Susan A. Buse published an article titled Gaining Favor, a look at tolling trends in the United States and Canada. She writes: There are more than 250... Read More
You’ve heard over and over that America’s infrastructure is deteriorating. And you’ve heard of the infrastructure crisis. But what do we mean by the word ‘infrastructure’ anyway? And why does it matter? Although it sounds like a simple (and silly)... Read More
The latest round of Congressional debate on replenishing the federal Highway Trust Fund seems destined to leave more authority over highway funding with the states, analyst Ken Orski argues in the latest edition of his Innovation Newsbriefs blog.... Read More