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Tolling Points

Photo credit: Elizabeth River Tunnels Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) OpCo, LLC, the IBTTA member responsible for Virginia’s new Midtown Tunnel between the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, has earned top honors from Road & Bridges magazine as... Read More
When an infrastructure project is large and complex, it can take months or years to put together the plan, the financing, and the political will to turn an urgent need into a finished road, bridge, or tunnel. That’s why it was such big news last... Read More
There are two sides to the coin in a recent piece of investment advice in Fortune magazine, pointing to low oil prices as a good reason to buy into toll-backed municipal bonds. With West Texas Intermediate and Brent Crude oil both trading below $50... Read More
As the U.S. Congress approaches the deadline for reauthorizing the federal transportation program, it’s going to be hard enough to balance a $17 billion annual shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund. But what if it turned out that today’s gas taxes... Read More
With a call for a bipartisan infrastructure plan to “make this country stronger for decades to come,” President Obama’s sixth’s State of the Union address raised the curtain on a debate that will shape the future of America’s highway transportation... Read More
The Business of Mobility is IBTTA’s theme for 2015 as Javier Rodriguez, P.E., Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), takes the helm as the association’s 2015 president. "Our economy and mobility depend on the quality of our... Read More
Congress has a new challenge to address as the countdown begins once again fund the federal Highway Trust Fund and pass a Surface Transportation Reauthorization bill. Even if legislators increase the federal gas tax—a feat that was last accomplished... Read More
At the California Sustainable Transportation Funding Workshop last fall, IBTTA caught up with two leading advocates for road user charging (RUC) as a promising highway financing option.     “Our vision for paying for the highway system in the long... Read More
The Illinois Tollway is getting high marks for its decision to bring its call center contract back to the state—and to locate it at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where half of the 244 jobs go to people who are either blind or veterans. The... Read More
In the age of highway megaprojects, tolling agencies run the risk that customers will react to the noise and inconvenience during construction of a billion-dollar piece of infrastructure. So it’s great to see the Central Texas Regional Mobility... Read More