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Tolling Points

Malika Seddi of ASFA (l’Association Professionnelle Autoroutes et Ouvrages à Péage) and Daniel Toohey of Delcan Corporation are Chief Meeting Organizers of IBTTA’s 2013 Global Technology Workshop, October 27-29 in Normandy, France. In this interview... Read More
We just need one trailblazing state to lead. That’s the simplest takeaway from Interstate 2.0, the Reason Foundation report that shows how 99% of the cost of modernizing America’s Interstate highway system could be covered by per-mile tolls,... Read More
By Pat Jones, Executive Director and CEO, IBTTA As the U.S. Congress prepares for the Transportation Reauthorization in September 2014, the Reason Foundation has released a smart, pragmatic roadmap for funding a complete overhaul of the Interstate... Read More
Technology is at the heart of everything tolling agencies do—from payments and collections, to traffic management, to customer service. That's why IBTTA’s Global Technology Workshop, taking place this year in Normandy, France, is a highlight of the... Read More
When a technology company is into everything from big data to driverless cars, it can quickly become an icon for everything that is hopeful, exciting, and innovative about a more efficient, prosperous future. When that company is Google, it’s... Read More
Rosa Rountree, CEO and General Manager of Egis Projects Canada Inc., and Stephen Mayer, Vice President, Strategy and Development at Parsons Transportation Group, are Chief Meeting Organizers of IBTTA’s 81st Annual Meeting and Exhibition, September... Read More
In an ingenious piece of research, the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) has found a new source of capital for price-managed lanes—as long as toll agencies are prepared to take a slightly different approach to operations and ownership.... Read More
Innovation is at the core of everything tolling agencies do, and everything the industry is trying to accomplish. IBTTA’s 81st Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada, September 22-25 will give you a first-hand look at one of the world’s... Read More
When U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was sworn in earlier this month, he expressed a bedrock principle that we hope will be embedded in the 2014 transportation reauthorization bill.   “Transportation is the best example of what one... Read More
An interview with Jim Whitty, ORDOT, written by Mitchell Beer Major advances are rarely won without a lot of hard work. And the entire IBTTA community owes a loud vote of thanks to Jim Whitty and his team at the Oregon Department of Transportation (... Read More