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Tolling Points

  With reauthorization of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act on the Congressional agenda, a Cornell University policy expert is calling on legislators to fix the highway system by shoring up its funding and optimizing its... Read More
In what a leading newspaper is calling “an unusual example of interstate cooperation,” two state governments and the private sector have pulled together on a congestion relief project to benefit highway users in one of the United States’ most... Read More
It isn’t often that the process of taking down a well-known highway becomes a major cause for celebration. But that’s what’s happened in Seattle, after the Washington State Department of Transportation successfully demolished the Alaskan Way... Read More
The last month of pre-emptive electricity shutdowns in California, aimed at preventing utility power lines and transformers from sparking deadly wildfires, has brought a sharp focus to the fragility of some of the infrastructure our communities take... Read More
A two-year-old post on America’s infrastructure crisis from U.S. news satire site The Onion tells exactly the spooky, scary story the transportation community will be looking for ahead of Halloween celebrations this Thursday. “Tossing and turning... Read More
It was bound to happen. Like every promising new technology that has ever been subject to overheated hype and impossible expectations, connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) have come crashing back to Earth in the last year, as pundits and... Read More
One way to get some perspective on the challenges facing transportation, and the role of tolling in solving them, is to write a two-volume history of a state transportation system that goes all the way back to the colonial era. In Connecticut,... Read More
Sixteen year-old Greta Thunberg has become the face of a global movement, galvanizing public concern about the climate change into a call to action with millions of voices. Thunberg is the first to insist that the mounting phenomenon we’re... Read More
Greta, Charles, Arielle, Mary-Jane, and Chelsea shared center stage in Halifax September 17 when IBTTA Executive Director and CEO Pat Jones delivered his report to the association’s annual members’ meeting. You can view Pat’s recorded remarks on... Read More
Anyone who spends too much time stuck in traffic congestion can tell you how loudly the problem demands a solution. When many thousands of commuters hear that voice twice a day, every workday and even during weekends, the momentum for change... Read More