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Tolling Points

The U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB) is out with an early holiday present for anyone who depends on a safe, reliable highway system to get where they need to go. The Board’s consensus study report, titled Renewing the National Commitment to... Read More
A renowned urban planner is throwing a dash of cold water on the cascading drive toward connected and autonomous vehicles. And he’s doing it with a callback to some things tolling agencies have known for a very long time. Berkeley, California urban... Read More
Nearly three-quarters of Americans are willing to pay more for the transportation system they need and want, and the people in the biggest single group of survey respondents are satisfied to have drivers pay tolls or user fees for the specific roads... Read More
At IBTTA’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore earlier this fall, it should have come as no surprise when honorary member Ed Regan, senior vice president at CDM Smith, went to the mic to ask the 64-million-hour question. The 64 million hours refer,... Read More
The next time you’re looking for a cultural icon that crosses partisan lines, look no farther than the message the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) came up with last month to mark the 25th anniversary of the last increase in the U.S... Read More
There’s a nugget of hopeful news buried in the flurry of reporting around Amazon’s siting decision for its massive new headquarters (HQ2). Apart from the jobs and economic spin-offs the e-commerce giant is expected to bring to Crystal City/... Read More
Essential programs and services, more robust data and analysis, a continuing commitment to knowledge transfer and an ambitious vision of tolling as a part of the wider transportation community are the four pillars of the newly adopted three-year... Read More
Well, that didn’t take long. The day after California voters resoundingly rejected a ballot measure to repeal a state gas tax increase enacted last year, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) announced it would push ahead with a $... Read More
Guest blog by Pete Garino The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author. While truck tolls were not on the ballot this election day, they were a key issue in two New England governors’ races. In both states, a tolling advocate... Read More
Some of the untold stories of the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan got a candid, public airing last month when D.J. Gribbin, the former White House Special Assistant to the President for Infrastructure Policy, participated in a panel... Read More