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Tolling Points

Climate change despair scored a big, temporary win in early August, with the near-simultaneous release of two major reports on humanity’s failure to date to get climate change under control. But while the initial stories traced the missed... Read More
When IBTTA gathers in Baltimore in mid-October for its 86th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, you won't have to wait for the official meeting to start for great content and learning. This year, some of the best discussion and interaction will take... Read More
Developers and designers on at least three continents are continuing to chase the concept or the grail of solar roadways, in which solar-electric panels embedded in roads, sidewalks, or driveways generate electricity, provide roadway signage, and... Read More
Fact-based, transparent project selection, streamlined delivery, maximizing existing infrastructure, ensuring effective governance, and a diverse funding and financing framework are the five best practices to emerge from a new survey of trends and... Read More
A series of major bridge projects in three Canadian provinces has led to an interesting argument about tolling, with a senator affiliated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party arguing that it’s unfair not to expect drivers to pay for... Read More
An epic bridge replacement project in Halifax, a toll relief and community equity initiative in Virginia, and a new tri-protocol transponder reader developed for North Carolina were among the winners announced last week by IBTTA. “The tolling... Read More
Something important may be brewing as the United States moves closer to mid-term Congressional elections in early November. In at least two campaigns in the hotly-contested Midwest, The Washington Post reports that candidates are treating... Read More
Klaus Schierhackl is CEO of ASFINAG, the agency that manages more than 2,200 kilometres of tolled motorways and expressways across Austria. In this interview with Tolling Points, he talks about the takeaways and lessons learned that will make IBTTA’... Read More
René Moser, Head of Strategy, International Affairs and Innovation at ASFINAG, and John Davis, Regional Director at AECOM, are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s Global Tolling Summit, September 5-7, 2018 in Salzburg, Austria. In this interview... Read More
Sometimes, the best way to predict demand for a product or service is to follow a supply chain from beginning to end. In this case, skyrocketing demand for new heavy-duty trucks is the latest, solid indication that the need for fast, efficient... Read More