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Tolling Points

There’s a nugget of hopeful news buried in the flurry of reporting around Amazon’s siting decision for its massive new headquarters (HQ2). Apart from the jobs and economic spin-offs the e-commerce giant is expected to bring to Crystal City/... Read More
Essential programs and services, more robust data and analysis, a continuing commitment to knowledge transfer and an ambitious vision of tolling as a part of the wider transportation community are the four pillars of the newly adopted three-year... Read More
Well, that didn’t take long. The day after California voters resoundingly rejected a ballot measure to repeal a state gas tax increase enacted last year, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) announced it would push ahead with a $... Read More
Guest blog by Pete Garino The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author. While truck tolls were not on the ballot this election day, they were a key issue in two New England governors’ races. In both states, a tolling advocate... Read More
Some of the untold stories of the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan got a candid, public airing last month when D.J. Gribbin, the former White House Special Assistant to the President for Infrastructure Policy, participated in a panel... Read More
With mid-term elections in the United States only days away, campaign coverage in many states is pointing to the highway maintenance backlog and the need for durable funding solutions as a key issue for candidates and voters. In Michigan, where... Read More
One of America’s leading transportation infrastructure publications reported on a session at IBTTA’s 86th Annual Meeting earlier this month as the cornerstone for a story on the future of surface transportation funding—and a curtain-raiser for the... Read More
From Fort McMurray, Canada to the highways of Greece, the central importance of safety was a big conversation point at IBTTA’s 86th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore last week. Keynote speaker Darby Allen, now-retired chief of the local... Read More
Toll interoperability technology, lane analysis and monitoring, equity in mobility and public engagement around a high-profile bridge replacement were among the focal points last week when IBTTA presented the 2018 Toll Excellence Awards during its... Read More
Well, here’s a great example of long-term thinking. When the Kane County Division of Transportation in suburban Illinois proposed a new crossing over the Fox River, it knew two things: that tolls would be the only realistic way to fund the project... Read More