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Tolling Points

While infrastructure as a collective is no doubt aging throughout the developed world, toll roads remain lucrative assets because they bring in substantial revenue. As discussed in Fitch’s special report “Toll Roads – 10 Years in Infrastructure”,... Read More
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pointing to the rise of electric vehicles as the latest good reason to get on with the job of refurbishing and modernizing the United States’ decades-old interstate highway system. Which means one of... Read More
The majority of drivers in the Washington, DC area now use the 95 and 495 Express Lanes in suburban Virginia, and more than three-quarters of those customers say they rely on the lanes to cut their commute times, according to Transurban North... Read More
Kristen Johnson of ITR Concession Company LLC, Jessica Carson of the E-470 Public Highway Authority, and Chris Body of Kapsch TrafficCom are track chairs for IBTTA’s 86th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, October 14-16, 2018 in Baltimore. In this... Read More
For any business known to humanity, it’s hard to imagine a better way to surprise and delight customers than by delivering better, more convenient service at lower cost. But at its best, that’s precisely the expectation that a new generation of... Read More
A provocative and transparent conversation about toll financing is breaking out on the Strong Towns website, where Content Manager Daniel Herriges is asking readers to think out why they would be for or against tolling on a particular stretch of... Read More
As Portland, Oregon begins grappling with how to design a tolling system to deal with its epic traffic congestion problem, a local newspaper is weighing in with a nuanced view of the trade-offs involved. While the introduction of tolls on the city’... Read More
The local online newspaper in Staten Island, New York was out over the summer with some spirited words of welcome for cashless tolling. As electronic tolling advances as a standard for state-of-the-art tolling operations, IBTTA members know there... Read More
Guest blog post by David Cuneo, Associate Director at Steer. Transportation and mobility are evolving. We have seen the growing popularity of car-sharing, transportation network companies (TNCs), express lanes, telecommuting, web conferencing and... Read More
The “light year advancement” Maryland transportation agencies have achieved through the state’s OneMDOT initiative is the focus of a special panel coming up on October 15, the first morning of IBTTA’s 86th Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Baltimore... Read More