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Tolling Points

Klaus Schierhackl is CEO of ASFINAG, the agency that manages more than 2,200 kilometres of tolled motorways and expressways across Austria. In this interview with Tolling Points, he talks about the takeaways and lessons learned that will make IBTTA’... Read More
René Moser, Head of Strategy, International Affairs and Innovation at ASFINAG, and John Davis, Regional Director at AECOM, are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s Global Tolling Summit, September 5-7, 2018 in Salzburg, Austria. In this interview... Read More
Sometimes, the best way to predict demand for a product or service is to follow a supply chain from beginning to end. In this case, skyrocketing demand for new heavy-duty trucks is the latest, solid indication that the need for fast, efficient... Read More
Every so often, a group of smart, strategic thinkers puts together a frame that captures all the pieces of a complex, rapidly-changing puzzle. That’s what’s happened with the program for IBTTA’s Global Tolling Summit, September 5-7, 2018 in Salzburg... Read More
The U.S. government can encourage deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) by introducing incentives for states to adopt tolling, the non-profit Information Technology & Innovation Foundation concludes, in an updated Tech Policy To... Read More
Understanding the public perspective on highway finance is one of the first steps in building trust with the communities tolling agencies serve. At IBTTA’s Summit on Finance & Policy, July 23-24 in Portland, Oregon, one of the most important and... Read More
IBTTA’s Summit on Finance and Policy is just under two weeks away, and it’s your moment to get up to speed on an unprecedented moment of opportunity for the global tolling industry. More than ever before, there is serious momentum to lift the... Read More
The dynamic pricing methods that are emerging as a success on tolled facilities across the U.S. received an unexpected nod earlier this year, with a news report on the World Series-winning Houston Astros’ use of variable rates for ticket sales. The... Read More
Ask any tolling professional to name their top priority, and you’ll always get the same answer: Safety is always job number one. This July 4th holiday, IBTTA is asking its members, colleagues, contacts, and drivers everywhere to make a simple... Read More
The State of Rhode Island hit an oversized milestone June 11, when its first-ever truck tolls went into effect at two locations along interstate highway 95. The two gantry-based tolling points in the southern part of the state are expected to... Read More