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Tolling Points

Traffic counts in the United States fell 13.2 percent last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic brought total vehicle miles travelled (VMT) down to a 20-year low and ended a six-year streak of rising annual volumes. The year-end estimate released in... Read More
With the United States facing a massive $2.6 trillion infrastructure funding gap, tolling and other forms of road usage charging will have to be at the center of the country’s plan to Build Back Better, IBTTA said earlier this month, in its response... Read More
As the world opens up to the Post-COVID era, the transportation industry will focus on communications’ interoperability for all modes of travel – air, roads, sea and rail.  Transportation communications interoperability has many facets. One example... Read More
Yesterday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee’s Chairman, Peter DeFazio (D-OR) announced an invitation for House members to submit highway and transit project designations (a.k.a., earmarks) to T&I for consideration... Read More
Photo credit: Halifax Harbour Bridges Creating connections that give back to communities has always been at the heart of tolling agencies’ locally driven mandate, resulting in a legacy of caring and giving back that was one of the most inspiring... Read More
The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) announced last week that it is seeking applicants for the $889 million in discretionary grants that will be available through the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) program for Fiscal Year... Read More
Previously, I wrote and graphed about Pennsylvania traffic patterns during COVID-19. This past November, rising rates of COVID-19 prompted government leaders in Pennsylvania to issue strict guidelines for travel during the holidays. Motorists were... Read More
Photo credit: Transportation Corridor Agencies, CA IBTTA is seizing the initiative on climate change impacts and solutions with the formation of a new task force to address sustainability and resilience. The effort got under way February 3 with a... Read More
Explaining the potential dangers to your organization highlighted by the recent SolarWinds cyberattack isn’t easy. Many IT professionals don’t completely understand what transpired in the attack, so it’s no surprise that most executives don’t... Read More
Over 100 years ago our great-grandparents faced an untenable situation. In the late 19th century horses were the transport mode of choice and horse manure was the principal problem of the day. Horses produced 15-35 pounds of manure and two pints of... Read More