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Tolling Points

Mike Heiligenstein officially steps down from CTRMA   Mike Heiligenstein has been a distinguished leader in local government, surface transportation, and infrastructure since he was first elected to public office in Central Texas in 1980. Last... Read More
The United States begins a journey of change this week, and there will be ample opportunities for the tolling and user financing community to put itself in the picture. New administrations in Washington, DC always bring a shift in direction. Look... Read More
Guest blog Sidney Edmonds, US Transit and Transportation Lead, Accenture It’s a New Year. And even though we are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, change is in the air. As we all start thinking about what 2021 has in store, the... Read More
With President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration just weeks away, the early indications are that infrastructure will be at the heart of the new administration’s economic strategy. Biden’s selection of former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg,... Read More
On December 21, 2020, Congress passed legislation to provide COVID-19 pandemic relief and to fund government agencies and programs for the remainder of federal fiscal year 2021. On December 27, President Trump signed the more than 5,500-page piece... Read More
Guest blog by Matt Milligan, Milligan Partners LLC, Chair, IBTTA Blockchain Working Group At the beginning of this year, IBTTA’s Emerging Technology Committee created the Blockchain Working Group to educate and engage the general membership on... Read More
Though state officials are already looking ahead to a post-pandemic era when revenues and construction projects stabilize, recent news reports show how badly some state departments of transportation (DOTs) are hurting. It all shines a light on the... Read More
Tolling agencies in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio are at the center of a bold initiative to test platooning for automated long-haul trucks through one of the most important and heavily travelled freight corridors in the United States. The Smart... Read More
With internal combustion vehicle bans emerging as a go-to climate solution, and large urban areas scrambling to get a handle on gridlocked traffic, two different jurisdictions in the last week have identified tolling as a possible answer to their... Read More
California’s Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) could hardly have known that the 23 acres of disturbed land it bought in 2005 near the Cleveland National Forest would end up on the front lines of the effort to keep Orange County safe from two... Read More