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Tolling Points

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The rise of autonomous vehicles will be the topic May 20 at 3:00 PM EDT when Joshua Schank, President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation, is the featured guest for the latest edition of IBTTA’s monthly #TranspoChat. Autonomous... Read More
It’s here! Amid the flurry of activity last week around the White House transportation proposal, you may have missed the release of the Grassroots Toll Kit, a guide to local communications and advocacy for IBTTA members and supporters. Although the... Read More
In this April 16 interview with Derek Prall, Assistant Editor of American City & County Magazine, IBTTA Executive Director and CEO Pat Jones traces the U.S. tolling industry’s progress toward national interoperability. Jones said IBTTA members... Read More
Sometimes, just once in a while, a policy announcement shines a light on concept that, if adopted, could fundamentally change our approach maintaining and improving our surface transportation system. That’s what happened Tuesday, when the White... Read More
Research shows that the millennial generation is driving significantly less often than their predecessors. If the trend continues, transportation agencies will need to plan and prepare. IBTTA decided to take a closer look at this trend, what drives... Read More
Patrick D. Jones, Executive Director and CEO, IBTTA, responding to a blog post by Fawn Johnson with the National Journal. You can read Fawn Johnson’s article here, Potholes, Even Canyon-Sized Ones, Aren’t Political. Fawn, congratulations on a... Read More
A television interview earlier this week by US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx points toward a possible breakthrough in the U.S. government’s approach to transportation financing. “Tolls are a local decision,” Foxx told WHAS11 in Louisville,... Read More
384 bridges rehabilitated or replaced.  1,845 miles of highway improvements.  $8.6 billion from 2015 to 2020.  $1.88 billion in road projects in the first year.  More than 400,000 jobs over the life of the program.   This is what a highway... Read More
The Interstate highway system is wearing out. Over the next two decades, nearly all of its 47,000 miles will have to be rebuilt, to make it serviceable for another 50+ years. In addition, several hundred major interchanges are horrible bottlenecks... Read More
As long as there have been public roadways, it's been necessary to educate citizens about the need for funding road construction and upkeep. After all, no matter what the mechanism for obtaining infrastructure funding, ultimately it comes from the... Read More