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While agreement on a sustainable solution to the impending insolvency of The Highway Trust Fund has so far eluded Congress, local governments across the country are seeking alternative methods for funding transportation infrastructure. One of the... Read More
Smartphone apps that provide information about routes, traffic and travel mode choices are changing transportation by faciliting more efficient mobility. In a recent interview, CEO and co-founder of RideScout Joseph Kopser talked about how this... Read More
Talk of road usage charging is popping up everywhere these days as community leaders throughout the country consider transportation infrastructure funding alternatives to the gas tax. But just how does this funding mechanism work? What are the... Read More
By Patrick D. Jones, Executive Director and CEO of IBTTA Philip Miller, P.E., Associate Vice President, Tolls Advisory Services at AECOM, and Francis O’Connor, National Director, Highway Toll Programs at Atkins N.A., are the Chief Meeting Organizers... Read More
You could travel from the earth to the sun and back, with a few million miles to spare. You could cover the entire length of the Great Wall of China—a mere 7,593 times, at 13,171 miles per trip. Or you could add up all the vehicle miles travelled on... Read More
On May 13, IBTTA co-hosted a webinar on local transportation funding solutions in partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC). In this interview with Tolling Points, IBTTA Executive Director and CEO Patrick D. Jones looks back on the high... Read More
Over the Memorial Day weekend, you’ll want to remember this tale of two highways as you search for a safe, reliable route to your holiday destination. At IBTTA’s legislative summit two months ago, a panelist talked about traffic delays along... Read More
Self-driving or autonomous vehicles have been a popular topic among transportation professionals for some time. Google's recent efforts in the field have increased the chatter. Several states such as Nevada, Florida, California, Michigan and the... Read More
In this introductory video for IBTTA’s 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition September 14-17 in Austin Texas, Mike Heiligenstein highlights the rapid growth that has fed the community’s need for a fresh approach to funding highway transportation. “We... Read More
The rise of autonomous vehicles will be the topic May 20 at 3:00 PM EDT when Joshua Schank, President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation, is the featured guest for the latest edition of IBTTA’s monthly #TranspoChat. Autonomous... Read More