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Tolling Points

Rob Horr
Written by Rob Horr, IBTTA President It’s time to start looking at the transportation infrastructure crisis as a moment of golden opportunity. With America’s highways in dire condition, we know there’s no time to lose in closing the infrastructure... Read More
Mitchell Beer
Written by Mitchell Beer for IBTTA It’s been a banner year in the drive for North America-wide interoperability of electronic tolling systems. But agencies still have a long way to go to meet the four-year interoperability deadline in MAP-21, the... Read More
Pat Jones
IBTTA’s 2013 Organization Management Workshop in Baltimore June 23-25 will feature a strategic communications session led by Communications Director Bill Cramer. In this preview, Cramer talks about the key ingredients of the campaign to position... Read More
Wanda Klayman
Written by Wanda Klayman, Deputy Executive Director, IBTTA When tragedy strikes a community like Moore, Oklahoma, highways are a lifeline for evacuees and an access and supply line for first responders. Toll authorities across North America are... Read More
Bill Cramer
Written by Emanuela Stocchi, International Affairs, AISCAT (Associazione Italiana Società Concessionarie Autostrade e Trafori) Since the beginning of the year, ASECAP (the European Association of Toll Operators) and IBTTA have been working together... Read More
Bill Cramer
Coauthored by Mitchell Beer When the President proclaims a milestone like National Transportation Week, the dual purpose is to recognize significant achievements and set a course for an even brighter future. So here are three questions for the... Read More
Bill Cramer
President Obama has nominated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to be the next Secretary of Transportation with responsibility for overseeing all transportation modes (surface transportation, rail, air, maritime, etc.). The Mayor has a strong history... Read More
This is a guest post by Seth Kahan, a leadership and performance improvement authority specializing in change leadership. Check out his website here. I have a dream to help leaders create the future. I believe we influence our world much more than... Read More
Photo by buddawiggi This is a guest post by Jenise Fryatt, Social Media Strategist for Smarter Shift and part of IBTTA's social media team. IBTTA regularly hosts conferences where members bond, learn from each other, and go on to benefit... Read More
To put a major dent in one of the most serious financial challenges facing the United States, Members of Congress need not pass new taxes, introduce new programs, or adopt across-the-board mandates that could put them on a collision course with... Read More