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Tolling Points

In a long, wide-ranging post for Forbes, San Francisco-based transportation strategist Timothy Papandreou of Emerging Transport Advisors puts forward the provocative argument that the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up an opportunity to rethink and... Read More
As policy analysts and decision-makers turn their attention to the mammoth task of “building back better” from the COVID-19 pandemic and getting America back to work, they keep pointing back to tolling and other forms of user financing as an... Read More
With the Coronavirus shutdown jeopardizing highway maintenance and reconstruction projects from Columbus, Ohio to Bend, Oregon, a news report this week in USA Today drives home the message that all surface transportation funding is local—and tolls... Read More
Bill Cramer, Communications Director, IBTTA, recently sat down with Samuel Johnson, Interim CEO of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) in California and President of IBTTA, to discuss the dual challenge of leading an international... Read More
As tolling agencies continue responding and adapting to an unprecedented global health emergency, IBTTA is supplying the human connectivity that keeps the industry healthy and sound, in good times and bad. Many of the tools and techniques—from... Read More
As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, countries around the world are coping simultaneously with two gargantuan challenges: how to #FlattentheCurve and keep as many people as possible safe, and preparing the wider economy to bounce back once the virus... Read More
Managing through a health and economic crisis – While credit analysis is about assessing legal, economic and financial factors, key presumptions are that the macro environment, law and order, and health and safety will remain in a familiar range. ... Read More
While the coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost a global health crisis, its economic impacts have quickly devastated many industries, particularly the transportation industry, that depends on employees and customers showing up as expected. In... Read More
If the coronavirus pandemic has done one thing, it has brought human societies around the world crashing back to basics. For the IBTTA family, those basics come down to community, connectivity, communication, and caring. In normal times, we are... Read More
With the coronavirus pandemic spreading rapidly across the United States and around the world, tolling agencies are among the many public services on the front line of the all-out effort to slow the spread and #FlattenTheCurve. You won’t usually... Read More