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The Convergence of Innovation and Case


This Webinar took place on October 13, 2020


Toll organizations are facing a barrage of change in the way people commute, the way we do business, and new technologies, many of which will disrupt and transform our industry, creating both risk and opportunity. Navigating the current landscape requires vision, agility, an inclination to take chances and above all else a willingness to evolve. Organizations that foster this type of culture will be best prepared to succeed and survive in the new technology-driven transportation paradigm.

This Webinar explored how organizations are structured to manage innovation, and how CASE (Connected, Automated, Shared and Electric) vehicles have the potential to change the way we plan, design, construct, operate, maintain and most importantly, fund surface transportation. Presenters highlighted why embracing innovation and CASE technology now is important for toll agencies, as well as discussed the ways CASE technology could transform our industry and how our industry is engaging the automotive manufacturers, technology companies, and government agencies.

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Slide Deck

Joe Averkamp, Vice President for Systems and Solutions, Parsons Corporation, Alexandria, VA

Presenters from the Emerging Technologies Sub-Committees

Innovation as an Enabler, Jeff Dailey, Chair, Innovation Sub-Committee and Deputy Executive Director, CTRMA, Austin, TX​

​​​​What is CASE and Why Engage? Lev Pinelis, Chair, CASE Sub-Committee and Director, Innovation, Transurban, Alexandria, VA

  • Brian Kelley, Chief Technology Officer, Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission, Berea, OH
  • Brennan Hamilton, FordToll Advanced Product and Business Owner, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
  • Thomas Greiner, ASFINAG, Vienna, Austria