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Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

About the program

This event was held on June 16, 2020. 


The IBTTA Leadership Academy Alumni Association (LAAA) welcomed Dr. Barbara Gannon and Maggie Wilkins to a presentation and discussion focused on Leadership in Times of Uncertainty.  How do we make sense of the world around us as we prepare our path for the future? We need to remember to take time for ourselves. How will we adapt and transition to new routines, being with our colleagues once again, and serving our customers and our communities? 

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About Our Presenters

Dr. Barbara Gannon is a leadership consultant and clinical psychologist with practical experience across the transportation sector. As principal of GannonConsult, she and the GannonConsult team help executives calibrate their strengths with the rigorous demands of the work. Dr. Gannon has led IBTTA's Leadership Academy Executive Development Program since its inception. Read Barbara's full bio.

Maggie Wilkins has more than 24 years’ professional experience in leading strategic initiatives while keeping the focus on growth and efficiencies for numerous organizations in transportation, healthcare, utilities, education, and state and municipal sectors. As Vice President of Business Development at Gila Corporation, and later as Vice President of Business Development at Faneuil, Maggie focused on the needs of the tolling and transportation industry and has an excellent track record in negotiating, coordinating, and managing corporate partnerships. In 2014 Maggie started her own consulting company and today continues to serve the transportation community. Maggie is a graduate of the IBTTA Leadership Academy and served as Chancellor of the IBTTA Leadership Academy Board of Regents in 2017. Maggie attended the Kansas Leadership Center’s Lead for Change in 2019. Currently, Maggie partners with GannonConsult to deliver the annual IBTTA Leadership Academy, an Executive Development course serving the tolling and transportation sector, and continues to serve both public and private sector clients through her professional management consultancy.


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