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The Value of The Concession Model – Best Practice Examples From Around The World

About the Webinar

Infrastructure needs all over the world are still sorely deficient due to a strong lack of public funding and political will. Governments are constantly looking for ways to develop their road networks and other mobility options to meet their citizen’s economic, political, and social needs. The scarcity of public resources has highlighted the application of new models for the financing and management of toll roads.  One of those highly successful models is using private finance via the concession model. In Europe, more than 50,000 km have been built thanks to this model.  It has also allowed development of a strong motorway network in Japan, South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia) and South Africa. And most recently, the model has been applied in the United States. Using the concession model as a financing tool, has proven to work for designing, financing, building, and managing new infrastructure. It has also been applied to upgrading and maintaining existing infrastructure.  No two projects are the same.  So, the goal of this Webinar was to scan the globe to demonstrate the value that the Concession Model brings to financing successful and unique transportation infrastructure projects.


About the Concession Model -- A concession is public–private partnership (PPP) under which a public authority (Concession Authority) grants specific long term rights to a private or semi-public organization (Concessionaire). The respective roles of the concession granting authority and the concession company are clearly defined between the private investor that finances, builds, maintains and operates the infrastructure, and the public authority which determines the programme, selects the concession company, makes sure that the work is completed satisfactorily and supervises the quality of the infrastructure’s operation. The contract defines the risk transfer between the public authority and the concession company.

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Our Experts & Presentations

Bruno de la FuenteExecutive Director, SEOPAN/Chair of the ASECAP

Christophe Boutin(representing Europe), Executive Director, ASFA/ ASECAP President

Vaibhav Dange (representing India), Advisor, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, National Highways Authority of India

Julià Monsó (representing U.S.), Vice President Toll Operations, Cintra US