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Denver Speaker/Moderator Information

 Staff Contact

Your main point of contact leading up to the meeting for all technical details of your session, including your presentation is Cheryle Arnold. If anything changes with regard to your participation, please contact Cheryle as soon as possible.

 Important Details for Speakers & Moderators
  • All Presenters and Moderators who plan to stay for the duration of the conference are expected to pay the discounted speaker/moderator rate of $400.
  • Speakers & Moderators may not replace themselves on the agenda without approval from IBTTA. If your participation availability changes and you wish to suggest a replacement, please notify Cheryle Arnold immediately. This approval must go through the planning committee.

Action Items and Responsibilities
 Secure hotel reservations now and adjust later in accordance with your travel plans.

Rooms fill up fast, so make your reservations!  You can reserve your room now

 Register for the Conference at the discounted Speaker rate 

The discounted Speaker Registration rate ($400) is for all Speakers and Moderators listed in the Program and includes all sessions, meals, Exhibitor Reception and Monday Evening Event. Those registered by March 14, 2022 will appear in the pre-conference Registration List send to attendees.  To register online, you will be prompted to log into your IBTTA AccountAll Speakers & Moderators have an account in our system. If you don't know your username & password, it can be easily retrieved from the website —Check out the FAQ on managing your account if you have questions about how.

 Participate in your session planning conference calls.

A session planning call will be scheduled in the weeks leading up to the conference.  This call will include all session participants and the moderator, to discuss session content, the timing of presentations, and other session logistics.  Some session moderators may request more than one call. 

 Submit the Final Version of your PowerPoint Presentation by the requested deadline.  

The deadline for submitting your final presentation to Cheryle Arnold is Thursday, May 12, 2022.

 Bio and Photo

This applies to all speakers and moderators!  Please log in to your IBTTA account via the IBTTA website and be sure a photo and short bio are added.  This will appear in the IBTTA Conference App for attendees to access during the conference.   

If you have any questions about anything here, please email Cheryle Arnold, Events Production and Staff Liaison to Speakers and Moderators.

All things Template, Logos, Submissions & Promotion

Presentation PowerPoint Template & Logos
  • IBTTA provides a PowerPoint template for your convenience, although it is not mandatory. Presenters may use their own company template but are asked to adhere to the requested slide size of Widescreen (16:9 ratio).
  • IBTTA logos can be downloaded for use.

PP Template & IBTTA Logos

Slide Format

If you are using your own slide template, the preferred slide format is 16:9 ratio, Widescreen format.
Widescreen Format is the industry standard with most newer versions of PowerPoint defaulting to this slide size when beginning a new presentation. If yours does not default to this, you can change it in your Slide size.

Saving your presentation
Please save your file, before submitting to me, as LastName_FirstName.ppt (or pptx). This helps tremendously with file organization once received.

Social Media Promotion

IBTTA has created graphics that are sized for use on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Feel free to use the graphic on your social media to promote that you are speaking at the Summit. 

Twitter Summit Graphic

LinkedIn Summit Graphic

IBTTA has created a Communications Toolkit to help spread the word about this conference!  

Presentation Submission Deadline - COB (your time zone) May 12, 2022
  • Please submit your final presentation in PowerPoint, ​​​​​​to Cheryle Arnold by Thursday, May 12, 2022. Moderators may ask to see final drafts before this but please try to focus on this date as you plan your time.

  • Please also submit a PDF file for posting to the IBTTA website post-conference(if you are giving IBTTA permission to post). If you prefer not to have it posted or wish to revise it before posting, please let Cheryle know.

  • Presentations can be sent using the links below OR sent to Cheryle via a download link. 

Upload your presentation by using the link below (Microsoft OneDrive)  

Presentation upload

Email it

Meeting Rooms, Session Logistics & Timing
Meeting Room Logistics -- Standard General or Breakout Session

All session rooms are equipped with a screen, projector, speaker timer, podium, computer, microphones, speakers and confidence (down-stage) monitor for you to easily view your presentation..

Other details include:

  • All slides will be pre-loaded onto an IBTTA computer on-site.

  • Presenters will advance slides via remote control or the computer, depending on the room to which your session is assigned. More info here will be discussed during session planning calls.

  • Your slides will be reviewed and tested prior to your arrival, assuming you have submitted them on time. 

  • If you are a moderator – you are basically free of technical responsibility. However, if you have slides to accompany opening or closing remarks, moderators are expected to adhere to the same presentation deadlines as speakers.

  • Timing for standard sessions that include PowerPoint presentations is somewhere between 12-20 minutes depending on the number of presenters within the session. Each session will 

  • If your session is more of a Moderated Panel Discussion, the time you have will vary and will be decided on and discussed in your Session Planning Call. 

  • Audience Q&A is typically held to the end of the session, although each session is different and a moderator could choose a different format.

  • All presentations authorized by the presenter for posting on the website will be posted within several days following the close of the conference. Please notify Cheryle Arnold if you do not want your presentation public OR if you would like to make adjustments before it is posted.

Presentation Guidelines and Resources
PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

Please adhere to the following requests when building your presentation:

  • Make your presentation as visual as possible. 

  • Use larger than normal fonts. Try to use a 16 point font size or larger. It's a big room and there is a back row! Your presentation looks much different back there than it did when you were viewing it at your desk!

  • Use Standard Fonts when possible. If you are using a font that is not standard, please submit the fonts (Windows-based preferred) with your presentation and be sure Cheryle Arnold knows about it.

  • If you cannot fit everything you want onto one slide – break it up into two slides or get rid of text! Don't jam it all into one slide,  "I know you can't see this, but…" is not a good visual for the room. 

  • If you are using a presentation software other than PowerPoint, such as Prezi, please notify Cheryle Arnold – this will ensure the presentation computers are equipped with any technology necessary to support it.

  • Submit your final Presentation file by the requested deadline. Don't forget to submit a PDF too!


Prezi or Keynote

If you plan to use anything other than PowerPoint, such as Keynote or Prezi, please make sure that you inform Cheryle Arnold beforehand so that she is better able to support your technical needs.

Prezi – Prezi is an acceptable format to use for your presentation and all Prezi's should be built and packaged as a Prezi To Go.

Keynote – For Mac users, Keynote is a less desirable format for the conference because Keynote presentations do not export well to PowerPoint. Many fonts, animations and transitions can be lost during the export. If you must use Keynote, please advise Cheryle Arnold well in advance of the show so that technical arrangements can be made to accommodate your presentation.