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Digitalization & Automation Meet the Tolling Industry

About the Webinar

This webinar provided key-insights how the advent of new technologies such as Connected and Automated Driving, “Internet of Things”-Applications and Big-Data-Analytics could affect the tolling industry. Our speakers shared their experience with the IBTTA family.

Dr. Kittl from evolaris is an expert when it comes to digitalization. evolaris works on the conception and development of digital assistance systems in the industrial and commerce sector. He will share his views and selected examples how digitalization could affect the tolling environment, e.g. Augmented Reality, Internet of Things etc.

Mr. Ajanović from VIRTUAL VEHICLE is an expert when it comes to vehicle automation. VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a leading organization when it comes to road automation and operates an own autonomous test vehicle. He will talk about technology bricks, challenges and the impact vehicle automation will have on our transportation system. Before we come to an inspiring Q&A session Mr. Almeida from Accenture and IBTTA’s CEO Pat Jones will briefly reflect todays learnings and share their views how the tolling industry could benefit from them.

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