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IBTTA Glossary: Toll Facilities Industry Review for Updates

The Council of Platinum Sponsors (CoPS) TollMiner & Glossary Working Group

This CoPS Working Group,  led by Phil Miller, WSP USA, was created to improve definitions of toll facility concepts that are used in the IBTTA TollMiner Data Visualization tool. Since the TollMiner data and structure are closely linked to the IBTTA Glossary, a review and draft update of the glossary was performed during 2021. 

Due to the size and wide range of terms in the glossary, this first Industry Review is focused on updates to "toll facility-related” terms. We invite an Industry Review of these updated “toll facility-related” terms. Comments and suggestions can be sent via the form below or directly to Phil Miller. Content not in this First Industry Review will be the subject of upcoming reviews. 

Review the First Draft Update.

Thank you for your interest!

Industry Review Submission Form for Glossary Updates