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Nationwide Interoperability

The IBTTA Interoperability Committee is composed of representatives of IBTTA member toll agencies and firms that provide services to the toll industry. The charge of this committee is to advance the strategic plan goal of achieving nationwide interoperability in the United States.

Support Documents and Information


NIOP Agency ID Assignment and Coordination (2021-04-05)


NIOP ICD (Interface Control Document): This document defines the formats for all data that is transmitted between the NIOP Hubs who participate in National Interoperability (NIOP).

NIOP Business Rules: This document contains the business rules established to support National Interoperability for the sole purpose of coordinating the exchange of toll Transactions of multiple organizations that utilize, operate, and manage toll facilities.


Interoperability: Towards the New Frontier (ITS International)


In May 2017 IBTTA finalized the test plan describing the methodologies and procedures to be used in conducting the Phase 2 NIOP protocol performance testing. The following documents describe both the test approach and the plan methodologies. This plan was developed in consultation with both toll operators and the technology manufacturers. The goal of the plan is to accomplish the following:



Status on Interoperability – Subcommittee on Transportation and Public Assets of the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (September 28, 2015). Below are copies of testimony and related documents.


Board Briefing on Subcommittee Activities: