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The Program

The IBTTA Mentorship Program connects experienced leaders (Mentors) in the toll industry with tolling professionals interested in mentorship (Protégés). Protégés will benefit by expanding their professional network, refining communication skills, and focusing on career development in the tolling industry.

IBTTA encourages the professional development of its members and provides a series of programs to inspire young professionals and students to pursue careers in the tolling industry. In addition to the Young Professionals Council (YPC), Toll Immersion Program and the Foundation’s annual academic scholarships, IBTTA has launched a mentoring initiative.

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2021 Mentorship Program Schedule 

Mentoring Round #1

March 4: Cut-off date for new Protégés and Mentors
Deadline for 2021 Protégés/Mentors to continue with mentoring match or request new pairing

March 15: New Pairings Announced

August 31: Conclusion of round (6 months)

Mentoring Round #2

Sept 30: Cut-off date for new Protégés and Mentors
Deadline for Protégés/Mentors to continue with mentoring match 

Oct 11: New Pairings Announced

March 31: Conclusion of round (6 months)

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a partnership between two people that supports a personal and professional development strategy. Mentoring is a term generally used to describe a relationship between a less experienced individual, called a mentee or protégé, and a more experienced individual known as a mentor.

Who's Eligible to be a Mentor or Protégé? 

IBTTA members who are experienced tolling industry professionals are invited to serve as mentors. Young professionals or individuals new to the tolling industry are invited to apply for mentorship

Selection and Pairing Process

The Membership Sub-Committee for Mentoring meets monthly to review individual applications. The committee uses a selection matrix to match mentors with proteges based on each application. Once mentoring pairings are established, the committee provides email introductions. 

Guidelines for Success

Download the mentoring guidelines.


​To participate, please complete the Mentor or Protégé applications stating your interest and availability.  


Please contact Ancilla Brady, IBTTA's Director of Business Development.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced person who provides information, advice, support, and encouragement to another person, often leading and guiding by example through his/her expertise or success. In a more general sense, a good mentor is anyone you can learn something from. Mentors serve as trusted and significant advisors, providing a sounding board for day-to-day issues encountered on the job and alternative perspectives on issues in terms of both problem identification and problem solving.

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What is a Protégé?

A protégé is someone who has identified a specific personal or professional goal and who believes that the guidance and help of a mentor – and being held accountable to the mentor – can help them achieve their goal.

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