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Join a 2020 Meeting Planning Group

Meeting Planning Groups

Your organization must be an IBTTA Member for you to join a Meeting Planning Group.

Thank you for your interest in joining an IBTTA Meeting Planning Group.  Your contribution to planning future meetings is a critical component of building top-notch IBTTA programming. 

Meeting Planning Group Roles

Each planning group has a Chief Meeting Organizer(s) (CMOs), Track Team Leaders, Session Organizers and Group Members. Once you join a group, you'll receive additional material to support the effort. 

  • Chief Meeting Organizers (CMOs) are responsible for the meeting as a whole and are involved and focused on every aspect of content planning for the meeting. CMOs are appointed mid-year by the incoming President to plan the content for the following year's meetings.

  • Track Team Leaders are responsible for a specific Track and are comprised of 3-4 individual sessions during the program.

  • Session Organizers are responsible for one session within a track.

  • Group Members assist session organizers to discuss individual session formats, find the best presenters and build outstanding sessions.  This is where the input from a diverse group really plays a key role in the outcome of a session. 

Track Team leaders work together with Session Organizers to draft the session descriptions for the Call for Presentations.  Once the submissions are collected, Track Teams meet to vet the submittals and ultimately build out the sessions within their specific track. Track Team Leaders are usually chosen prior to the official meeting launch call, while Session Organizers are chosen on the first call of the individual track team. 

Time Investment
In general, members can expect to be on at least 5-7 hours of conference calls throughout the planning process. More time may be required for those higher up you in the planning hierarchy. Members who contribute their time and resources throughout the process will have their names and organizations printed in the program.
It is essential that the planning groups represent a good cross section of the industry and most times, no more than two people from one company can be represented on one planning group. Therefore, when you submit your request, you may receive a call back if there are too many people from your company already serving. CMOs work with track team leaders and staff to determine the size of meeting planning groups.
In which 2020 meeting would you like to be involved?
If there is a meeting listed on the IBTTA Event Calendar that is not listed below, it means that the committee is full and not accepting additional members.
Please check the planning group that most interests you. If your first choice is not available, you will automatically be placed on your second choice. If you do not see a meeting listed that appears on our Events calendar, it indicates the group is not accepting more members.
Should a spot not be available for the first meeting of your choice, do you have a second choice?
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