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Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

Organization Profile

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is responsible for administering and maintaining the state's 10 turnpikes as well as managing toll operations, including the PIKEPASS program, an Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) that provides totally automated, free-flow travel on all Oklahoma turnpikes at highway speeds.
POINT (-97.4765691 35.504628)

Primary Contact:
Alan Freeman
Assistant Executive Director

# Perm Employees:535
# Contract Employees:50
# Toll Roads:10
Names of Toll Roads:Turner Turpike
Will Rogers Turnpike
H.E. Bailey Turnpike
Indian Nation Turnpike
Muskogee Turnpike
Cimarron Turnpike
John Kilpatrick Turnpike
Creek Turnpike
Cherokee Turnpike
Chickasaw Turnpike
Surface Miles of Roadway:605
Center Lane Miles of Roadway:2,390
# Rest Stops:6