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Highway Infrastructure Upkeep Debate: Tolls or Fuel Tax

March 31, 2014
Tom Andel
Materials Handling and Logistics

Didn't Pay a Toll? Enforcers Might Track You Across State Lines

March 31, 2014
Daniel Vock
Stateline: The Pew Charitable Trust

FUNDING: Reason Foundation Calls for Value-Added Tolling

March 28, 2014
Roads and Bridges

Study: Value-Added Tolling Could Help Fund America's Highway System

March 28, 2014

Q&A with Mike Heiligenstein, President, IBTTA

March 27, 2014
Kate Holder
Toll Road News

Congress Faces Gas Tax Dilemma

March 27, 2014
Keith Laing
The Hill

New Cape Bridge on Horizon

March 21, 2014
Jon Chesto
Boston Business Journal