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On U.S. Highways, More Fast Lanes Aren't Free

November 28, 2013
Cameron McWhirter
Wall Street Journal

IBTTA’s Pat Jones plugs tolling at DC travel convention

November 20, 2013
Kate Holder
TollRoads News

Virginians ultimately balked at I-95 tolling, but HOT lanes are coming

November 15, 2013
Robert Thomson
Washington Post

JV paves way for US interoperability hub

November 13, 2013
ITS International

More states consider toll roads to raise infrastructure dollars

November 11, 2013
Susan Milligan

Year-old Beltway express lanes sell time to D.C. area customers

November 9, 2013
Robert Thomson
Washington Post

Let the Renaissance Begin

November 4, 2013
Patrick Jones
InfrastructureUSA Blog