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Managed Lanes for Beginners: WashDOT Primer Tells the Story

A simple, 2½-minute video for the I-405 Express Toll Lanes from Bellevue to Lynnwood, Washington State explains the differences between regular toll roads and managed lanes, and gives customers a primer on when and why they would voluntarily pay a toll.

“So why would you pay a toll when you have a choice?” the narrator asks. “Because Express Toll Lanes offer a faster, more predictable trip when you need it most.”

What to Do When Your Gas Tax Is Dying: From Denial to Acceptance to Action

Nearly 50 years after Elisabeth Kübler-Ross laid out the five stages of grief in her landmark book, On Death and Dying, a white paper by IBTTA honorary member Ed Regan, Senior Vice President at CDM Smith, looks at the terminal decline of the gas tax—an outcome that is less directly traumatic for most Americans, but no less inevitable, than the one the Swiss-American psychiatrist wrote about.

Tim Stewart to Stress Trust, Accountability as IBTTA’s 2018 President

Tim Stewart, Executive Director of the E-470 Public Highway Authority, is preparing to take the helm as IBTTA’s 2018 President. In this interview with Tolling Points, he explains how he chose Trust and Accountability as the theme for his presidential year, and what he hopes to achieve during his term.

How did you arrive at Trust and Accountability as your presidential theme?

IBTTA Member’s Prepaid Card Brings iTunes Convenience to Toll Payments

When it gets to the point where toll customers who use cash can reload a prepaid card as easily as they can use iTunes, you know that payment apps are moving to the center of tolling agencies’ toolkits.

And that’s the comparison that best describes the service that Atlanta-based InComm is offering users of Georgia’s Peach Pass and now the RiverLink tolling system on the Ohio River Bridges.

IBTTA Visit to Ukraine Points to Potential for Future Concession Development

Pat Jones visited Kiev last week to meet with member Corporation UKRMOSTOBUD and senior officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and the State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine to discuss the country’s first toll project. From left to right, Ihor Dir, Ambassador of Ukraine, Pat Jones, Executive Director and CEO, IBTTA, IBTTA members Matt Milligan, Managing Partner, Milligan Partners, and Mykhailo Opanashchenko, Chairman of the Board, Corporation UKRMOSTOBUD.

Stocchi Makes the Case for Tolling in Rome TV Interview

IBTTA’s recent International Summit in Rome provided a great opportunity to make the case for tolled infrastructure and raise IBTTA’s international profile. IBTTA President Emanuela Stocchi took the opportunity to speak with Rainews24, a popular TV station in Italy.

BREAKING: Federal Highway Administration Opens Bids for Three Interstate Tolling Slots

Rarely has a simple administrative announcement been so hotly anticipated by so many for so long.

When Hurricane Irma Hit, Florida’s Toll Roads Were Ready

There are moments when resilience means more than battening down the hatches and protecting people from a deadly storm like Hurricane Irma.

If you happen to operate the roadways that are a path to survival for hundreds of thousands of people trying to evacuate ahead of the weather, you also need the financial resilience to absorb the revenue loss that inevitably results.

‘North America’s Biggest P3’ Tackles Congestion in Maryland

Just days before President Donald Trump signalled he might rely more heavily on state and local governments to deliver on his $1-trillion infrastructure plan, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was out with an ambitious, $9-billion Traffic Relief Plan that relies on tolls to expand the state’s three busiest highways.

When he made the announcement, Hogan called the plan “the largest proposed P3 highway project in North America.”

Trump’s Comment on P3s Makes Tolling an Even More Essential Tool

In an unexpected comment, late last month to members of the House Ways and Means Committee, President Donald Trump may have stepped away from public-private partnerships as one of the cornerstones of his Administration’s forthcoming $1-trillion infrastructure plan.

P3s are “more trouble than they’re worth,” Trump reportedly told Reps. Brian Higgins (D-NY) and Richard Neal (D-MA), citing the original agreement behind the Indiana Toll Road (ITR) as an example of an outcome he would want to avoid.