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Peer Exchange Program

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About the Program

In 2019, President Chris Tomlinson wanted to create the opportunity for a more in-depth form of networking, where agencies can move beyond the conferences and forge new relationships and introductions that might not have otherwise had the opportunity to occur.  So, the IBTTA Peer Exchange was born in 2019 - pairing agencies based on interest and expertise for a year-long collaboration to learn from each other at multi-disciplinary levels within each agency. The program provides a platform to leverage in-depth and targeted knowledge sharing between agency members. 

Mary Sallach, Director of Strategic Initiatives for the State Road and Tollway Authority, presented to the IBTTA Board of Directors the benefits of the 2019 pilot program of The Peer Exchange. View the presentation

Going forward, the continued success of The Peer Exchange requires ongoing participation and commitment. If your agency is selected, you will identify 4-6 participants, one of whom will serve as the team lead. Participation in this program also requires the support of the agency's senior leadership, including the agency CEO who will serve as the champion of the exchange. Participation of your senior leadership team in the hosted workshop is critical to the program's continued success; therefore, each agency is asked to confirm their willingness to commit the time and resources necessary.

The deadline for 2020 participation has passed. If you have any questions, please contact Ancilla Brady.