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Glossary of Terms

IBTTA’s transportation Glossary of Terms is an ever-changing list of terms used within the transportation and tolling industry. The Glossary was updated in August 2018.  If you have suggestions for future additions, please contact us.


  Glossary of Terms

The Council of Platinum Sponsors (CoPS) TollMiner & Glossary Working Group was created to improve definitions of toll facility concepts that are used in the IBTTA TollMiner Data Visualization tool. Since the TollMiner data and structure are closely linked to the IBTTA Glossary, a review and draft update of the glossary was performed during 2021.


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Titlesort descending Description

Also known as an On-Board Unit and Transponder. The in-vehicle device component of a DSRC (or ETC) sytem. A receiver or transceiver permitting the Operator's Road-side Unit (RSU)to communicate with, identify, and conduct an electronic toll transaction.


Transfer Protocol Control/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is a set of protocols developed to allow co-operating computers to share resources across a network.

TCS Revenue

Toll Collection Services Revenue.  Cash, Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI)/Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), fines and ISF (Internal Service Fund) revenue as recorded on Authority financials.


Time Division Multiplexing - Simultaneous electronic transmission of two or more messages in one or both directions over a single transmission path, with signals separated in time or frequency. In time-division multiplexing, different time intervals are employed for different signals.  This is used to differentiate between ETC tags in a roadway environment.

Team Florida

Transportation and Expressway Authority Membership of Florida (TEAMFL) - The Transportation and Expressway Authority Membership of Florida (TEAMFL) was formed in 1997 to facilitate the exchange of information among toll agencies and the transportation industry.  The membership is made up of board members and executive staff of statewide expressway and transit authorities, the Florida Department of Transportation, the Florida Transportation Commission and private sector transportation partners. TEAMFL members discuss statewide issues in an effort to develop high quality roadway systems throughout the state.

Team Texas

Transportation and Expressway Authority Membership of Texas (TEAMTX) - The transportation and expressway authority membership of Texas, organized to offer an opportunity for those involved in developing, operating, funding, and arranging express toll roads and bridges to communicate and trade information, questions, experiences, and data.


Technologies in automotive communications, combining wireless voice and data capability for management information and safety applications.


Italy brand name of the national ETC system.


TELematic implementation on the Trans-European Road Network. A Report prepared by ERTICO and published in October 1994.


Trans European Road Network. Main Corridors linking European Member States.

Throughput Volume

The number of vehicles passing through a Toll Lane, in one direction, over a defined period of time.

Ticket Systems

Require each driver to stop and pick up a ticket upon entry and then stop and relinquish the ticket and pay the toll upon exit.  The concept of ticket systems can be extended to that of an “electronic ticket” as determined by electronic sensors located in entry and exit lanes, parking lots, etc.

TIS (Télépéage Inter-Sociétés)

Télépéage Inter-Sociétés. Technical and contractual context of electronic fee collection (EFC) interoperability in the French concession system.

Title 21

State mandated standards for electronic toll collection and interoperability in California.


A fee charged by a toll facility operator in an amount set by the operator for the privilege of traveling on said toll facility.

Toll Collection System

The combination of elements and components that constitute the means to collect a fee for use of a tolled facility.

Toll Lane

Restricts traffic flow to facilitate either the automatic or manual collection of tolls.

Toll Plaza

An area, with restricted traffic flow, where tolls are collected from drivers, either manually or electronically.

Toll Receipt

Receipt given to customer while in the toll lane that can show amount paid, date, time, lane, Toll Service Attendant and vehicle classification. The concept of a toll receipt may be extended to that of a monthly statement listing all toll transactions for that period.

Toll Service Attendant

TSA. An employee of an operator or other entity who is assigned the duty of collecting tolls from toll facility customers.


A time-framed event occurring in the toll lane representing either a cash or electronic toll. The transaction is identified by all or a combination of the following parameters; location, time, date, vehicle class, vehicle ID, toll amount, etc.

Transaction Model

Assembly of exchanging information between the Roadside Equipment (RSE) and the On-Board Unit (OBU), which is associated to the passage of a vehicle through an electronic toll collection (ETC) lane. The transaction includes the whole set of required data collecting the toll and clearing the funds.


The in-vehicle device component of a DSRC (or ETC) system. A receiver or transceiver permitting the Operator's Road-Side Unit to communicate with, identify, and conduct an electronic toll transaction. Also called On-Board Unit and Tag.

Transport Service Provider

TSP. A provider of both road transport service and ETC service. Both services may be provided by two different entities: the Road Operator who provides the transport service and the ETC Operator who collects the transit data.


Transportation Research Board  - The Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies provides leadership in transportation innovation and progress through research and information exchange, conducted within a setting that is objective, interdisciplinary, and multi-modal.  TRB is one of six major divisions of the (US) National Research Council— a private, nonprofit institution that is the principal operating agency of the National Academies in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities. The National Research Council is jointly administered by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine.


An axle-counting device, located in the lane and activated by the presence of a tire included as part of an Automatic/Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC) or surveillance system.


Transport Service Provider. A provider of both road transport and ETC service. Both services may be provided by two different entities: the Road Operator who provides the transport service and the ETC operator who collects the transit data.


Traffic and Traveler Information


In the U.S.A.: toll road