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Glossary of Terms

IBTTA’s transportation Glossary of Terms is an ever-changing list of terms used within the transportation and tolling industry. The Glossary was updated in August 2018.  If you have suggestions for future additions, please contact us.


  Glossary of Terms

The Council of Platinum Sponsors (CoPS) TollMiner & Glossary Working Group was created to improve definitions of toll facility concepts that are used in the IBTTA TollMiner Data Visualization tool. Since the TollMiner data and structure are closely linked to the IBTTA Glossary, a review and draft update of the glossary was performed during 2021.


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Titlesort descending Description

Vehicle-Highway Automated Systems - The automated highway system is defined as "a lane or set of lanes where specially equipped cars, trucks and buses could travel together under computer control (Rillings, 1996)." Automated highway systems combine magnetic sensors, computers, digital radio, forward-looking sensors, video cameras, and display technologies.

Value Pricing

See also Road Pricing. A system by which congestion and improved roadways can be managed through different levels of toll rates at peak and non-peak hours.

Variable Message Sign 

VMS.  Changeable message boards located on a facility that display to customers text information such as weather and road conditions that may affect traffic conditions and travel times. Also known as Dynamic Message Sign (DMS).


Refers to an error in the toll communication system which occurs when something between the On-Board and Road Side dialogue has failed.


Violation Enforcement System. The collective equipment and procedures that capture a violation transaction, image and the citation process.


Spanish trademark for ETC.


Vehicle Information and Communication System. A Japanese system which transmits real time traffic information to a car navigation system which is them displayed in text and graphic form.

Video Billing

A billing system using video images of a vehicle’s license plate to identify the customer responsible for toll payment.

Vignette or Sticker

A sticker proving that a distance or time-related toll has been paid by the user.


Vehicle Infrastructure Integration


A record of an unpaid toll which occurs when a customer does not pay the proper amount.

Violation Camera

Camera located at each toll lane that takes pictures of violation events. Image capture contains, at minimum, human or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) readable pictures of the front, rear or both license plates.

Violation Enforcement System

VES. The collective equipment and procedures that capture a violation transaction, image and the citation process.

Violation Lighting

Lights located around the lane to enhance ambient light conditions for the VES cameras to take pictures of vehicles.

Violation Processing Center

VPC. A place where violation processing systems and/or human reviewers work on reviewing and processing violations through the system.

Violations Processing

The composite set of procedures, equipment and operations used in the Back Office to examine violation images and assign the correct toll to either an ETC account holder or to a toll evader based on a Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) lookup of license plate vehicle registration. True violations will include a fine, processing/administrative fee and any other punitive action as dictated by local law.


See Variable Message Sign


Vehicle Miles of Travel. The sum of all the miles traveled by vehicles (not people) in a specified amount of time