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Glossary of Terms

IBTTA’s transportation Glossary of Terms is an ever-changing list of terms used within the transportation and tolling industry. The Glossary was updated in August 2018.  If you have suggestions for future additions, please contact us.


  Glossary of Terms

The Council of Platinum Sponsors (CoPS) TollMiner & Glossary Working Group was created to improve definitions of toll facility concepts that are used in the IBTTA TollMiner Data Visualization tool. Since the TollMiner data and structure are closely linked to the IBTTA Glossary, a review and draft update of the glossary was performed during 2021.


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Titlesort ascending Description

Automated Vehicle Identification. A system which transmits signals from an on-board tag or transponder to roadside receivers for uses such as electronic fee collection and stolen vehicle recovery.


Automatic/Automated Vehicle Classification. Determines the type of vehicle (car, truck, bus, etc.) and the vehicle characteristics (weight, number of axles, tires, etc.) as required for toll classification.


Automatic/Automated Vehicle Classification - Determines the type of vehicle (car, truck, bus, etc.) and the vehicle characteristics (weight, number of axles, tires, etc.) as required for toll classification.


autoPASS is an electronic toll collection system used in Norway. It allows collecting road tolls automatically using electronic radio transmitters and receivers operating at 5.8 GHz.

Automatic/Automated Vehicle Identification

AVI. Automated Vehicle Identification. A system which transmits signals from an on-board tag or transponder to roadside receivers for uses such as electronic fee collection and stolen vehicle recovery.


A legal jurisdiction created to operate tolled infrastructure (e.g., E-470 Public Highway Authority, New York State Thruway Authority, North Texas Tollway Authority). Also known as the “District” in some states.


Advanced Traffic Control In Historical Town (Czech project)


Advanced Traffic Management System


Automatic Teller Machine - An electronic telecommunications device that enables the customers of a financial institution to perform financial transactions without the need for a human cashier or clerk


Advanced Traveler Information System


Alliance for Toll Interoperability - Organization established to promote and implement toll collection interoperability among states and agencies. ATI's goals include establishing interstate customer video tolling and interoperability, establishing protocols & systems allowing for secure sharing of vehicle information and the investigation of RFID toll technology interoperability. ATI's membership consists exclusively of toll facility operators.


American Trucking Associations - American Trucking Associations is the national trade association for the trucking industry.


Association des Sociétés Françaises d’Autoroutes et d’Ouvrages à Péage: is the Federation of French Motorway and Toll Facility Companies. ASFA is a professional organization which promotes the concessionary system for its members.


Association Européenne des Concessionnaires d'Autoroutes et d'Ouvrages à Péage (European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures). ASECAP is the only European professional association of toll motorway companies. It brings together 17 Full members (France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Poland) and 4 Associate members (Morocco, Germany, Slovak Republic,  Czech Republic) that manage a total network of over 28,000 km (tolling) and over 12,000 km (charging).   


Automatic Speed Adaptation. Various concepts aimed at limiting the vehicle speed in relation to different defined speeds (static, variable or dynamic) for certain road sections via various user interfaces (informative, supportive or compulsory). Also known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA).


American Public Transportation Association -  The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) advocates the advancement of public transportation.  APTA members are public organizations that are engaged in the areas of bus, paratransit, light rail, commuter rail, subways, waterborne passenger services, and high-speed rail.

Application Platform

This is the computer that is collocated with the On-Board Unit and Roadside Unit. It runs the Application, or software that conducts the transaction.


This is the software that runs on the On-Board Unit and RSU Application Platform. The Application contains the “brains” (i.e. logic) that conducts the transaction using the Public and Private Keys (see below).


American National Standards Institute


Automatic Number Plate Recognition


A Siemens navigation system having an in-vehicle interface that provides turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance.


Associazione Italiana Società Concessionarie Autostrade e Trafori: is the Italian Association of Turnpikes, Tunnels, Bridges and Other Toll Road Concessionaire Companies.


Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control. Also known as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC). Dynamic speed and distance control in relation to the vehicle in front using on-board equipment.


Transaction processing costs in electronic toll collection can be a significant component of an Issuer’s operating costs. To minimize this cost, Issuers often aggregate groups of transactions from Service Providers into a single transaction that is sent to the Fiduciary. This lowers the transaction cost by splitting the credit card transaction fee across a number of transactions. For example, a Customer Service Center (CSC) may collect all transactions for a period of time, and Aggregate those transactions into a single credit card charge to the User’s card account. As a result the Authority pays only a single transaction fee.


Association of Electronic Toll and Interoperable Services - Association representing European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) providers as a stakeholder group with regard  to the European Union (EU).


All-Electronic Tolling Conversion - Process of changing a toll collection method from manual cash payments to fully automated electronic payments.

AET Some

All Electronic Tolling – Some: Some interchanges on the road have implemented AET, but not all.


All-Electronic Tolling: Technology which enables cashless toll collection, either through transponders and/or license plate readers, eliminating the necessity of stopping the vehicle to pay the toll.


Asociación Española de Normalización: is the Spanish Association for Standards


Average Daily Traffic


Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club e.V


Automated Coin Machine - Unattended machines used for toll payment by coinage


Automobile Club d’Italia


The “Automated Clearinghouse” is a financial transaction network operated by the Federal Reserve. The ACH processes a number of different types of financial transactions including inter-bank transactions, credit card transactions, E-checks (a form of electronic payment), etc.

Account Processor

An Account Processor is a third party organization that processes Accounts and transactions for an Issuer. For example, retailers who issue credit cards often contract account processing to third party companies like Payment Tech. In tolling, third-party Account Processors often operate Customer Service Center (CSC) entities.


Each OBU is assigned to a User’s Account. The Account serves as the final destination for system transactions. For a pre-paid account the User periodically credits funds (from a Fiduciary) to the Account to offset the transaction cost.