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Alternative Design-Construction

Enabling legislation presented by Nossman LLP.

Brief by the Reason Foundation on the risks associated with Mega-projects and the steps that can be taken to prevent cost over-runs and shifting any associated risk from taxpayers.

Opinion piece by Pete Rahn of HNTB on improving our nation's transportation bill of health.

HNTB article on the I-15 Core project that due to budget constraints had to deal with alternative financing means but still managed to deliver the requested features and more

HNTB article on the design-build procurement model used to for Paseo Bridge project in Missouri which was used as a result of limited time and financial constraints.

Transportation Point article on various methods that have been used in the past few years to complete vital transportation projects despite constrained funding

AASHTO reccomendations for speeding up and streamlining project delivery.

American Society of Civil Engineers annual "report card" on America's road infrastructure

American Society of Civil Engineers annual "report card" on America's bridge infrastructure.

Federal Highway Administration study of Right-of-Way Management at the State Department of Transportation Level.