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World Bank study on the intricacies involved with the  private financing of toll roads across the world.

World Bank Report on Toll Road Concessions in Chile.

Reason Foundation report on Public Private Partnerships in the U.S. and abroad

Global Times article of the extremely high profitablility of private Chinese tollroads.

ASECAP report on a revision of laws concerning the usage charge of certain pieces of infrastructure by heavy trucks.

Brookings Institution piece advocating the privatization of American infrastructure so as to fund improvements, rather than an "infrastructure bank."

Report by the Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy at the Univeristy of Southern California regarding "The Role of Long-Term Concession Agreements for Providing Transportation Infrastructure" with regards to protecting the public interest.

 Analysis of Highway Concessions in Europe, French Study for the DERD/WERD.

Notice regarding the approval of foreign infrastructure concession projects in China