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Federal Highway Administration grant for projects expanding "long term" parking for commercial trucks along interstate corridors.

Utah Department of Transportation report on Traffic Speed management efforts in work zones.

News brief on the instillation of an Over-Height Vehicle Detection and Notification System on the Onondaga Lake Parkway in New York in response to a tragic crash in September 2010.

Article about Rhode Island's expansion of its curfew lighting program, in which roadway lighting is turned off during low-demand early morning hours.

News brief on the unveiling of Illinois Department of Transportation's "Yellow Dot" program that helps to give first-responders more information about injured persons at a highway crash scene immediately upon arrival to the scene.

Fedral Highway Administration study on methods for improving motorists' and employees' safety at toll plazas.

Texas Transportation Institute report on the necessary geometric dimensions a toll road operator must ensure  to safely and effectively serve trucks on the facility.

2010 Report on Distracted Driving on the Capital Beltway in Virginia.

AASHTO Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for streets and highways 2009 edition.

Florida Department of Transportation report on lane merge management efforts in work zones.

North Texas Tollway Authority analysis of Wrong-Way Drivers and preventative safety measures.

Fedral Highway Administration report on the use of Intelligent Transportation Solutions in several projects around the nation and the results.

Purdue University study on the effect of speed limits on driving speeds.

Univeristy of Buffalo report on the increasing danger of "speed variance" rather than increased speed limits.

IBTTA response letter to NTSB letter regarding reccommended improvements to Toll Plaza safety.

Letter to IBTTA from the National Transportation Safety Board reccommendations regarding Toll Plaza safety.

Report by American Traffic Safety Services Association on low cost infrastructure improvements that could greatly improve highway safety.

Harvard Center for Risk Analysis report on "The Public Health Costs of Traffic Congestion.

American Traffic Safety Services Association announcement of the 2004 edition of the Standard Highway Signs complete manual.