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Sustainability and Resilience Task Force

About the Task Force

The purpose of the Sustainability and Resilience Task Force is to organize the ideas, resources, and efforts of IBTTA members and others in the transportation industry to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of the transportation network and reverse the effects of climate change.

The IBTTA community recognizes the harmful effects of climate change and the transportation industry’s role in addressing objectives to care for the environment and manage the consequence of years of neglect.  Our Task Force on  Sustainability and Resilience is:

  • sharing best practices from both US and international operators;
  • exploring ways to advance alternative fuels and renewable energy in toll facility operations, including augmenting national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure;
  • researching the use of performance management and metrics to drive attainment of environmental objectives and outcomes, and shape wise investment priorities; and
  • seeking partnerships to establish guidelines and tools for mitigating climate change and enhancing resiliency of critical assets and systems.

Task Force Leadership and Members


Northwest Parkway

As the Northwest Parkway’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Costa is responsible for assuring the full execution and compliance of the concession and financial agreements of the Northwest Parkway Toll Road P3 Project, in Colorado. Mr. Costa has a BS in Civil Engineering (from Instituto Superior Tecnico, 1995) and an MBA (from Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, 2001). Certified road safety auditor (2006). IBTTA leadership alumni (1st class of 2008).

Mr. Costa’s has 20 years of industry experience, starting at Brisa Auto-Estradas Portugal Group. As Operations Manager, Mr. Costa was responsible for managing all aspects of road operations - O&M, toll collection and customer service of an A1 motorway segment in Portugal (40 miles). His responsibilities included planning, coordinating and managing all activities within the jurisdictional area to insure high levels of service, safety and minimum impact over traffic flows. Additionally, his responsibilities included assuring normal functioning of motorway service by virtue of implementing resource planning and management, monitoring maintenance activities, and accomplishing contract concession specifications. As Operation and Coordination Center Director, Mr. Costa worked closely with law enforcement and traffic control and was responsible for Brisa’s National Operations and Coordination Center (OCC). The OCC manages all of Brisa’s ITS equipment along Brisa road network extending over 600 miles. Mr. Costa was responsible for the coordination of road assistance, incident management and information systems, and for the design and implementation of standards, specifications and operation procedures. 

At the Northwest Parkway, Mr. Costa supervises and manages the 9 miles toll road. Mr. Costa in is CEO role approves and oversees the execution of the project's business plan and budget. Additionally, Mr. Costa is also the acting Operations Director responsible for the toll operations.


Committee Members
  • David Abraham, Harris County Toll Road Authority
  • Jose Ballesteros, ROADIS Transportation Holding S.L.U.
  • Matthew Click, HNTB Corporation
  • Bruno de la Fuente, SEOPAN (Asociación de Empresas Constructoras y Concesionarias de Infraestructuras)
  • Wanda DeVargas, E-470 Public Highway Authority
  • Casey Emoto, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
  • Doug Feremenga, Transportation Corridor Agencies
  • Bob Frey, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority
  • Noémie Frontère, ASFA (Association Professionnelle Autoroutes et Ouvrages à Péage)
  • Amitis Meshkani, North Texas Tollway Authority
  • René Moser, ASFINAG
  • Mark Muriello  International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association
  • Olivier Quoy, Atlandes
  • Jeff Seward, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority
  • Emanuela Stocchi, AISCAT (Associazione Italiana Società Concessionarie Autostrade e Trafori)
  • Ulli Vielhaber, ASFINAG
  • Geraldine Walsh, Transport Infrastructure Ireland
  • Christina Jaworski, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
  • Mike McFeters, Halifax Harbour Bridges
  • Steve Proctor, Halifax Harbour Bridges
  • Jorge Sanchez Racionero, ROADIS Transportation Holding S.L.U.
  • Marina Garcia Riege, ROADIS Transportation Holding S.L.U.
Staff Liaison

Mark Muriello, IBTTA


 Task Force Spotlight

Task Force Organization, Subcommittees, Presentations and Resources

Sustainability & Resilience Subcommittees
Performance Measurement and Metrics

This subcommittee seeks to use data and performance measures to drive program development and decision making.  The subcommittee subscribes to the basic idea that “We cannot fix what we cannot measure.”  The initial work is addressing emissions valuations, key performance measures (KPIs), and ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria.  With an overall objective of identifying and sharing best practices for IBTTA members, the subcommittee will be working to assist members in identifying and knowing the business carbon footprint, sources, and impacts.  By understanding the baseline (starting point) and establishing an emissions reduction goal, organizations can adopt a roadmap towards a carbon-neutral future.

Vehicle Electrification and Alternative Fuels

This  subcommittee focuses on electric vehicle (EV) adoption and charging infrastructure deployment, as well as the adoption of other low emission alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, propane, and compressed natural gas.  Initial efforts aim to increase IBTTA members’ understanding and awareness of the impacts and opportunities of vehicle electrification and alternative fuels through business cases and benefit-cost analyses.  The subcommittee will identify guidance and best practices in project prioritization and selection, project development, partnership opportunities and engagement, and risk analysis and management strategies.  The efforts are intended to help the toll operators make wise investments and create customer value.

Policy and Engagement Subcommittee

This subcommittee supports the overall work of the Task Force through programs that advance sustainability and resilience education and information exchange.  The initial work plan includes establishing a strong presence on the website, creating a library of policies, documents, and resources, and developing a program of events and content at IBTTA meetings to maintain focus and momentum on climate action and resiliency for the IBTTA community.  This subcommittee will also help members navigate through sustainability and resilience legislation and regulations and identify opportunities and access to grants and other resources.  This subcommittee will identify potential partnership opportunities for members with relevant vendors, service providers, and technical experts to support solid business approaches and service delivery. 

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